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The main characters in the first film. From left to right: Shenzi, Scar, Ed, Banzai, Rafiki, Mufasa, Simba, Sarabi, Zazu, Timon and Pumbaa. Bottom right: Nala and Sarafina.

The following are fictional characters from Disney's The Lion King franchise.


A total of thirteen supervising animators from Walt Disney Animation Studios and Disney-MGM Studios were responsible for establishing the personalities and setting the tone for the first film's main characters. The animation team studied real-life animals for reference, as was done for the earlier film Bambi.[1] The animation of the characters counted with supervision by wildlife experts such as Jim Fowler, who visited the studio on several occasions with lions and other animals to help the animators reproduce authentic behavior.[2] Screenwriter Irene Mecchi joined the directing team to help in the character development process and define each character's personality. Story head Brenda Chapman spoke of the challenges of character development: "It was our job to make the main character likeable and sympathetic. It was also challenging to make the environment and characters interesting. In real life, lions basically sleep, eat and have no props."[2]

The Lion King[edit]


Simba, meaning "lion" in Swahili, is the protagonist of The Lion King, the musical, and several video games. Simba is the son of Mufasa and Sarabi. During the events of The Lion King, he becomes King of Pride Rock. In The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, he and Nala have a daughter, Kiara. As the events of The Lion King 1½ occur during the same time as the original film, his upbringing with Timon & Pumbaa is further explored. Jonathan Taylor Thomas played young Simba and Matthew Broderick played adult Simba.

Timon and Pumbaa[edit]

Timon and Pumbaa are a meerkat and warthog double act. The name Timon is Greek for "respect". Pumbaa's name means 'simpleton', 'stupid', or 'carefree' in Swahili. They are supporting characters in The Lion King and The Lion King II, serving as friends and sidekicks of Simba. They are featured as the main characters in the third film, The Lion King 1½, and their own spin-off TV series, Timon & Pumbaa. The Timon & Pumbaa's Jungle Games and The Lion King 1½ video games also center around them


Voiced by Moira Kelly (adult in films)
Niketa Calame (cub in film)
Heather Headley (adult in original Broadway cast)
Kajuana Shuford (cub in original Broadway cast)
Vanessa Marshall (adult in video games)
Nicole Oliver (adult)
Supervising animator Aaron Blaise (cub)
Anthony de Rosa (adult)[3]
Species Lioness

Nala is a character in The Lion King. She is Simba's closest playmate in childhood and later his wife. She first debuts as a cub in the first film of the franchise who accompanies Simba in his venture into the forbidden Elephant Graveyard. Nala is depicted as being as mischievous, adventurous, and playful, as Simba. She later appears mourning over Simba's alleged "death" before finally reappearing as a lovely young adult who unknowingly entangles herself in a brawl with a matured Simba after having attempted to attack Pumbaa. To the chagrin of Timon and Pumbaa, a romance gradually blossoms between the pair during the sequence "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?", though their relationship is interfered after Nala urges her reluctant friend to return to the dilapidated Pride Lands, corrupted by Scar's tyrannical kingship, and claim the throne. After Simba is encouraged by Rafiki and his father's spirit to return home and confront his uncle, an overjoyed Nala, accompanied by Timon, Pumbaa, and the lionesses of the Pride Lands, compete in the malicious battle allied with him against the hyenas after successfully toppling Scar's reign. She was horrified when Simba admitted to her and the other lionesses his mistaken belief that he was responsible for Mufasa's death, and enraged when she later learned that it was in fact Scar who had murdered Mufasa and had tricked Simba into thinking he was responsible for his father's death. Defying the vow they had proclaimed as cubs repulsed at the prospect of being betrothed, she marries Simba and together the two have a daughter named Kiara.

In the following sequel, The Lion King ll: Simba's Pride, the significance of Nala's role is downgraded, though she still makes frequent appearances throughout the course of the film, where she is depicted as slightly older than she was in the first film, being looser, calmer, and less uptight than her overprotective husband, but reappears when necessary. Naturally, she also appears with a similarly-reduced role in The Lion King 1 1/2, a direct-to-video midquel retelling the events of the first film from Timon and Pumbaa's viewpoints, in which the pair's attempts at thwarting her developing romance with Simba are further detailed.


Voiced by James Earl Jones (films, Kingdom Hearts II)
Samuel E. Wright (original Broadway cast)
Supervising animator Tony Fucile[3]
Species African Lion

Mufasa was Simba's father, Sarabi's mate, Scar's older brother and the former King of the Pride Lands. He is characterized as a righteous, wise and kindhearted leader, but admirably powerful and courageous as well. Idolized by his son, with whom he shared a strong bond, Mufasa was envied immensely during his lifetime by Scar, who furiously conspired against his older brother in an attempt to end his reign and seize the throne. After saving Simba, during a massive stampede of wildebeests caused by the hyenas under Scar's order, Scar lets Mufasa go off from the cliff and being violently trampled on the broken tree. Scar gets a tyrannical kingship over Pride Rock after exiling Simba from home, having been convinced that he was responsible for Mufasa's untimely death. Although Simba spends a majority of the film suffering from intense guilt, Mufasa reappears as a ghostly apparition in the clouds commanding Simba to return home. This later empowers him to confront his uncle. His voice is heard again following the death of his evil brother and his death avenged, telling Simba to "Remember who you are".

After Mufasa died, he barely reappears in two direct-to-video sequels spawned from The Lion King, albeit his spirit appears in the opening sequence of The Lion King ll: Simba's Pride proudly watching over the presentation of his newborn granddaughter Princess Kiara, and it also is established that the lingering affects of the memory of Mufasa's murder have apparently scarred a traumatized Simba for life. This is revealed during a dream sequence in which Simba relives the events of the stampede as an adult and attempts to save his father's life but was stopped by Scar who turned into Kovu. After Simba banishes Kovu for supposedly causing an ambush Kiara tells her father that he will never be Mufasa, suggesting that Mufasa would have forgiven Kovu and would have seen that the ambush set by Kovu's mother Zira wasn't his fault. At the conclusion of the same movie, his voiceover can also be heard congratulating his son for his well-executed reign. During the midquel The Lion King 1 1/2, Mufasa's role is reduced even further as the plot of first film of the franchise is retold from the viewpoints of Timon and Pumbaa. His apparition to Simba is relived through the two characters' eyes.

According to The Lion King: Six New Adventures story A Tale of Two Brothers, his parents were called Ahadi and Uru.


Voiced by Madge Sinclair (film)
Gina Breedlove (original Broadway cast)
Supervising animator Russ Edmonds[3]
Species Lioness

Sarabi is Simba's mother and Mufasa's wife. Her name means "mirage" in Swahili. Not much of her relationship with Simba and Mufasa is shown (as when Simba is a cub, the film revolves mainly around his relationships with Mufasa and Nala) but from what is shown she seems to be very attached to them both. She is devastated when she believes they both have been killed (in reality only Mufasa had been killed while Simba is alive) and is seen being comforted by Zazu while Scar is giving them a eulogy. She was horrified when Scar, having taken over the throne, then let the hyenas take over the Pride Lands and, along with all the other lionesses and animals from Pride Rock, apparently suffered as a result of Scar's selfish ways while he was king. Many years after Mufasa's death, Sarabi, who by now clearly dislikes Scar strongly, argued with him over what should be done for the good of all the animals in Pride Rock, with her insisting that they needed to move to a different place where food and water would be available. He refuses, afraid of losing his kingship in any place that isn't Pride Rock, and angrily strikes Sarabi for telling him he isn't "half the king Mufasa was." At which point Simba, who had watched this from afar, revealed himself to them and defended his mother by roaring at Scar. She mistakes Simba for Mufasa at first, but is overjoyed all the same when she realizes her son is alive. She was horrified when Simba admitted he believed he was responsible for Mufasa's death and enraged when she later learned that it was in fact Scar who had murdered Mufasa and tricked Simba into believing he was the one responsible and was a big liar. She fights Scar's hyena army alongside Simba, Nala, the other lionesses, Timon, and Pumbaa and along with all the lionesses roars triumphantly when Simba does after finally defeating Scar who was been killed by the hyenas for his betrayal. However Sarabi does make a cameo in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, watching all the other lions at Pride Rock.


Voiced by Rowan Atkinson (original film)
Edward Hibbert (The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, The Lion King 1½ and Timon and Pumbaa TV Series)
Jim Piddock (The Lion King: Simba's Mighty Adventure and Timon & Pumbaa's Jungle Games)
Supervising animator Ellen Woodbury[3]
Aliases Banana Beak (by Simba)
Species Red-billed hornbill

Zazu is a red-billed hornbill[4] who acts as majordomo to Mufasa and later Simba. He is proud of his position and acts very dignified, though he is not taken very seriously by the lions. Zazu's name has no apparent meaning in Swahili.

Zazu is first seen in the film flying over the Pride Lands during the opening sequence, in which Simba is presented. After Simba's birth ceremony, he goes to announce Mufasa's arrival to Scar and treats the lion with contempt and nearly gets eaten. Although he is clearly Mufasa's close friend and jokes with him, he treats the king with great respect, addressing him as Sire (though on one occasion he calls him by his name). When Simba is a little older, Zazu becomes the target of a pouncing lesson in the middle of delivering a news report to the king, which dismays him. Sarabi later orders the hornbill to chaperone Simba and Nala to the waterhole. In the song "I Just Can't Wait to Be King", Zazu sings about his doubts that someone as carefree as Simba would make a good king, but he isn't taken seriously and ends up, amusingly, being squashed by a rhino. Zazu catches up with them in the elephant graveyard and tries to protect them when they are confronted by hyenas, but Banzai pushes him into a geyser which rockets him into the sky. Zazu then apparently flies to get Mufasa to rescue the cubs. Zazu is with Mufasa when Scar brings the news of Simba being trapped in the wildebeest stampede; he panics and intends to go for help, but Scar slaps him into a wall and knocks him out.

After Simba's exile, Zazu becomes a prisoner of Scar and a source of entertainment. He is the only character who is seen to fear Scar and acknowledge his kingship, but Scar nonetheless tells the hyenas that they are welcome to eat him. During the battle for Pride Rock, Pumbaa breaks Zazu out of his ribcage prison. Zazu bows to Simba after he defeats Scar and is seen during the presentation of Simba and Nala's newborn cub.

Zazu has brief appearances in the two sequels. In The Lion King II: Simba's Pride he acts as a scout and advises Simba on royal protocol. He is very scornful of Kovu.

In the musical, Zazu is a puppet controlled by an actor dressed in blue striped clothes and a bowler hat, much like a stereotypical butler. Zazu's blue feathers have been replaced with white and the puppet is partially constructed from parachute silk with a slinky contained in the neck for ease in movement.[5] Zazu sings the song The Morning Report, which was fully animated for the Platinum Edition release of the original film. After They Live In You, Mufasa and Zazu talk about Simba's behaviour and Zazu remarks that Mufasa got into trouble too at Simba's age. In some English productions of the show, Zazu breaks the fourth wall and uses anachronisms for comic effect.

Zazu has made occasional appearances in the Timon & Pumbaa and House of Mouse television series, and a Mickey Mouse cartoon called Runaway Brain. Zazu and Aladdin's Iago hosted an attraction called The Enchanted Tiki Room (Under New Management) in Adventureland at Walt Disney World before it closed.


Voiced by Robert Guillaume (films and video games)
Tsidii Le Loka (original Broadway cast)
Supervising animator James Baxter[3]
Species Mandrill

Rafiki, meaning "friend" in Swahili, resembles most closely a mandrill with an unnaturally long tail, though as mandrills live in the forests of West Africa, it is more likely that he is a baboon with the facial coloring of a mandrill. He lives in a baobab tree somewhere in the Pride Lands. He is a dear friend to Mufasa and Simba. He performs shamanistic services for the lions of Pride Rock. He is an enigmatic character, tending to speak about himself in the third person, who drops in unexpectedly to lend advice. Although very wise, he also has a very funny, playful side. As a bipedal animal, Rafiki is able to use props more easily than most of the films' animals. He is never seen without his stick, which is topped with gourds that he uses for ritual purposes, painting and food. The character often serves as the narrator of the story of The Lion King, especially in video games and merchandise.

In The Lion King, Rafiki is introduced in the opening scene when he travels to Pride Rock to perform newborn Simba's presentation ceremony. Mufasa greets him like a friend he has not seen in a long time. Rafiki anoints Simba and presents him to the gathered animals, and later draws a stylized lion cub on the walls of his treehouse home to represent Simba's birth. When Simba is believed to be dead, Rafiki draws his hand across the Simba painting, obscuring it in grief. Years later, after picking up his scent on the dust in the air, Rafiki realizes that Simba is still alive and joyously restores the drawing, adding the full mane of an adult lion. He travels to the jungle where Simba lives with Timon and Pumbaa, then observes Simba and recognizes that he is suffering from a ponderous emotional burden. To treat it, he approaches the young lion (who does not recognise him) and teaches him a few playful, and sometimes painful, lessons about learning from the past, not running from it. He shows Simba that his father Mufasa lives in him, resulting in the appearance of Mufasa's ghost which gives Simba the courage to face his past. During the battle for Pride Rock, Rafiki displays highly trained martial arts against the hyenas and saves Simba from a hyena who tried to attack him by bashing the hyena in the head hard with his stick. Simba embraces him before ascending Pride Rock as king telling him "It is time", and at the end of the film, Rafiki presents Simba and Nala's newborn cub.

During the film, Rafiki sings a nonsense chant: "Asante sana, squash banana, wewe nugu, mimi hapana." This is a Swahili playground rhyme which translates to "Thank you very much (squash banana), you're a baboon and I'm not!" Like "hakuna matata" (no worries), the chant was heard by the filmmakers on their research trip to Kenya.

In the sequel The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, Rafiki is more closely involved with the affairs and politics of the prides and is often seen with the lions. Mufasa's spirit persuades him to bring Simba's daughter Kiara and Zira's son Kovu together as a way of uniting the prides. He then asks if Mufasa is crazy and doubts that the plan will work, and is then immediately buffeted by a strong gust of wind from Mufasa's spirit. Rafiki tries to make them fall in love by singing to them about a place called "Upendi", which means "love" in Swahili. When Simba exiles Kovu, blaming him for the attack set up by Zira, Rafiki sighs sadly on seeing Kovu leave, knowing he is not part of the attack and Simba is defying his father's goals. In the end, he blesses the union of Kovu and Kiara and Kovu is welcomed into the pride. Rafiki appears briefly in The Lion King 1½, teaching Timon the philosophy of "Hakuna Matata" and later convincing Timon to follow Simba to Pride Rock to confront Scar.

In the musical, the character of Rafiki was significantly modified. Because director Julie Taymor felt that the story lacked a strong female character, Rafiki was changed into a female mandrill and sangoma. She acts as an involved narrator throughout the story, at one point speaking to the audience in a click language for comic effect. She sings the opening song "Circle of Life", a keening song called "Rafiki Mourns" following Mufasa's death, and a brief part in Nala's song "Shadowland", when she blesses Nala for her journey to find help. Instead of detecting Simba's scent on dust, Rafiki hears Simba's song "Endless Night" on the wind. Rafiki finds Simba and shows him that his father lives on in him through the song "He Lives in You". She is present during the battle, fighting a hyena using hand-to-hand combat, and adorns Simba with the king's mantle after his victory. And the play ends with her presentation of Simba and Nala's cub.

Rafiki appears in a few episodes of the Timon and Pumbaa TV series and has his own series of skits called "Rafiki Fables" in the same show. He appears briefly in the Pride Lands world of Kingdom Hearts II.


Voiced by Jeremy Irons (original film)
Jim Cummings (The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, The Lion King: Simba's Mighty Adventure)
James Horan (Kingdom Hearts II, Sorcerers Of The Magic Kingdom)
Supervising animator Andreas Deja
Species African Lion

Scar was Mufasa's younger brother and Simba's uncle who plots to seize the throne he believes is rightfully his by virtue of superior intelligence. Since Mufasa is too powerful to be challenged directly, Scar provides food to the hyena trio Shenzi, Banzai and Ed in exchange for aid in his schemes. He then lures Simba into a gorge and has the hyenas trigger a wildebeest stampede. After Mufasa saves Simba and loses his footing over a cliffside, Scar throws him back down, killing him. Afterward, he lies to Simba about feeling responsible for Mufasa's death and exhiles him from home, sending the hyenas to kill Simba before he runs away. Scar declares that Simba and Mufasa were killed in the stampede and takes over as king of Pride Rock. The new monarch immediately institutes a "New Order", a permanent alliance between lions and hyenas (who actually serve as Scar's strength for his rule).

A few years later after Mufasa's death, Scar's reign turns the Pride Lands into a wasteland, without food and water before the herds move on. He forbids his subjects to mention Mufasa, in order keep it a secret and imprisoned Zazu in a bone cage as a slave to sing for him. Even the hyenas begin to lose faith, complaining to Scar that the lionesses refuse to hunt. Sarabi later warns Scar that they must flee Pride Rock to survive starvation, but he refuses to abandon the throne to accept the facts after the herds and furiously strikes Sarabi across the face, when she tells about Scar being half the king Mufasa was.

Moments later, he is confronted by his fully grown nephew Simba, who has come to reclaim his throne. After initially mistaking Simba for his deceased brother, Scar recovers quickly from this shock, then demands that Simba admit responsibility for Mufasa's death, which the young lion does. Scar declares Simba guilty and backed by his hyena enforcers, pushes him towards the fire just struck by lightning under Pride Rock. With his nephew at his mercy, Scar gloatingly confides that he killed Mufasa. Enraged, Simba leaps back up to Scar and forces him to tell the truth to the lionesses, who then turn upon the hyenas causing a battle.

Scar begins losing the fight because with help from Timon and Pumbaa, Simba's friends who saved him in the desert from a group of vultures, as well as Rafiki, the hyenas flee from the lionesses during the battle. Scar tries to escape by climbing to Pride Rock's summit but when he is checkmated by Simba next to the cliff, he attempts to blame the hyenas, but Simba no longer believes him. The duel ends with Simba sparing Scar's life and repeating to Scar his own advice against him, "Run away and never return." Scar feigns submission before suddenly casting cinders into Simba's face and pouncing. Simba overpowers Scar, before he throws him off the cliff back onto the throne. Scar tries to reconcile with all of the hyenas but they break his promise and turn on Scar and eat him alive unseen before the flames engulf them.

Scar appears as a spirit in Simba's nightmare in the direct-to-video sequel of the film, The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, in which Simba relives the scene of Mufasa's murder, but as an adult in an attempt to guide his father to safety. Scar's ghost appears to try and prevent him from doing so before transforming into Kovu, a character appearing only in the sequel. Ironically when one of his most loyal lions, Zira attack Simba in this movie, one of his chosen followers Nuka dies at the same site where Mufasa dies in the first movie (But covered by logs holding back a river of water). He later appears to Kovu as a reflection in the water when Kovu was exiled by Simba, but the young lion flees from the vision. Scar also has seen roles in Disney park attractions, video games, and has made cameo appearances in House of Mouse. Additionally, he's seen briefly in Hercules during the song "Zero to Hero", in the role of the Nemean Lion who is fought and defeated by the movie's eponymous character. Afterwards, Hercules is seen wearing Scar's skin. Disney's The Jungle Book character Shere Khan is similar to Scar.

According to The Lion King: Six New Adventures story A Tale of Two Brothers, Scar and Mufasa's parents were called Ahadi and Uru. It also reveals that Scar's real name was Taka and that he got his scar after being attacked by a herd of buffalo.

Shenzi, Banzai and Ed[edit]

Shenzi, Banzai and Ed
Voiced by Shenzi:
Whoopi Goldberg (films)
Tress MacNeille (Timon & Pumbaa, The Lion King: Simba's Mighty Adventure and Kingdom Hearts II)
Jenifer Lewis (Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom)
Cheech Marin (films, Kingdom Hearts II and Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom)
Rob Paulsen (Timon & Pumbaa, The Lion King: Simba's Mighty Adventure)
Jim Cummings
Supervising animators David Burgess
Alex Kuperschmidt[3]
Species Spotted hyenas

Shenzi, Banzai and Ed are a spotted hyena trio who are Scar's followers.

  • Shenzi (voiced by Whoopi Goldberg) is the only female of the trio. Her name means 'savage' or 'uncouth' in Swahili. She is confident, self-controlled, and the smartest of the three. This makes her the de facto leader of the trio and possibly the entire clan (female dominance is consistent with real-life hyena behaviour). She does not hesitate to follow Scar's orders to attack or to confront him later about the lack of food. Shenzi has a long mane and three prominent bangs hanging over her face. She also lacks the dark grey 'stubble' snout of the males. In The Lion King 1½, Timon addresses her as Shenzi Marie Predatorra Veldetta Jackalina Hyena. Shenzi was originally conceived as a male hyena to be voiced by Tommy Chong, reuniting him with his old comedy partner Cheech Marin, who voiced Banzai.[6]
  • Banzai (voiced by Cheech Marin) is the most aggressive and excitable of the trio. He speaks in a raised voice and is quick to get into a fight, having little patience, but submits to Shenzi. He also talks about food frequently. Banzai tends to come out badly in conflict situations: he gets the worst injuries when the trio are attacked by Mufasa (Shenzi and Ed receive only minor scratches, but Banzai moans that he "won't be able to sit for a week"), is knocked into thorn bushes when chasing Simba, and nearly gets into trouble with Scar when he complains about Scar's leadership within the lion's earshot. His name has no meaning in Swahili, but is a battle cry in Japanese (see Banzai charge). His appearance generally resembles the unnamed hyena characters.
  • Ed (voiced by Jim Cummings) is the only character aside from Uncle Max to have an English human name. Ed communicates mainly through crazed laughter. He wears a permanent idiotic grin with his tongue usually lolling out and his eyes never seem to focus on anything properly. In the Special Edition of The Lion King, character profiling suggests that Ed is not actually stupid; he 'knows the score', but he cannot speak. While Shenzi and Banzai are joking with each other about eating Simba and Nala, it is Ed who notices that they have escaped. Jim Cummings recorded over four hours of different laughter clips for use with Ed's dialogue.

The three hyenas first appear in the elephant graveyard where they taunt and chase Simba, Nala and Zazu, intending to eat them, but are attacked by Mufasa. Scar buys their loyalty with food and promises the whole hyena clan that they will never go hungry if they help him become king. This they do, helping Scar carry out his plan to kill Mufasa by triggering the wildebeest stampede. Scar orders the hyenas to kill Simba, but Simba eludes them by crawling through a thorn-patch. Shenzi decides to tell Scar he is dead, reckoning that Scar will never know better. During Scar's reign, the trio complain about lack of food, but Scar is indifferent. The clan fights on Scar's side when Simba returns, but most are defeated by the lionesses, and Shenzi and Banzai are ruthlessly beaten up by Pumbaa for Banzai calling him a pig as Ed waits outside. The trio then overhear Scar trying to blame them for Mufasa's death and the ruin of the Pride Lands, which infuriates them. Fueled with anger at Scar for his betrayal (as well as, presumably, hunger, from his broken promise of them never going hungry again), the hyenas leap upon Scar and begin to maul him alive shortly before they are all surrounded by the blazing flames.

The hyenas are briefly mentioned in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride by Nuka, who says that they 'ran off' from the elephant graveyard. They were planned to be Zira's minions, but this idea was ditched because the hyenas devoured Scar for his treachery and blaming them for killing his own brother and therefore could not be loyal to Scar in the sequel. Zira should know that it was the hyenas who really did kill Scar due to blaming them for murdering his own brother. In their first appearance, they attack a meerkat colony while Timon is daydreaming on sentry duty. The trio reappear during the film's climax at Pride Rock, cornering Timon and Pumbaa. Timon proposes marriage to Shenzi as a delaying tactic, which she turns down abruptly. The hyenas then fall into a meerkat tunnel, which transports them to Scar in time to confront him.

The three hyenas make occasional appearances in the Timon & Pumbaa TV series with their own segment "The Laughing Hyenas". In Kingdom Hearts II, the hyenas appear in the Pride Lands world as Scar's followers. They also appear as villains in Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Walt Disney World.


Voiced by Zoe Leader (film)
Supervising animator Silvia Hoefnagels (uncredited)
Species Lioness

Sarafina is Nala's mother, a pale-furred lioness with a slender build, much like her daughter as an adult. Her name has no meaning in Swahili and is not mentioned in the film, only appearing in the credits. Her uncredited dedicated animator is Silvia Hoefnagels. Sarafina plays a minor role, appearing a few times throughout the film. She only has one line of dialogue: "Hmmm, what do you think, Sarabi?" Her first appearance is in Nala's introduction, when she is bathing her cub; she is also seen as the lionesses mourn Mufasa and Simba, and later when they fight the hyenas when Scar reveals that he was Mufasa's killer and framed Simba who still alive. According to the song "Chow Down" from the musical, Sarafina ate Banzai's father.

The Lion King II: Simba's Pride[edit]


Voiced by Neve Campbell (adult)
Michelle Horn (cub)
Liz Callaway (adult, singing)
Charity Sanoy (cub, singing)[7]
Supervising animator Lianne Hughes[7]
Species Lioness

Kiara is the daughter of Simba and Nala and the main character of The Lion King ll: Simba's Pride. She is portrayed as the feisty, playful, and adventurous princess of Pride Rock, but her over-protective father, Simba, easily fears for her safety and employs the assistance of Timon and Pumbaa in watching over her during her explorations in secret. However, Kiara is discontented, not realizing her father's lack of faith in her, wanders off while her babysitters are distracted and winds up stumbling upon an Outsider cub named Kovu. Kovu initially appears to be untrustworthy and teases Kiara, but when they are faced by a group of crocodiles Kiara manages to help lead Kovu to safety, resulting in a friendship between the pair. However, they are separated by their parents for the rivalry between their two groups, much to the cubs' dismay.

Years later, during Kiara's first hunt, Zira sees an opportunity to fulfill her dreams of obtaining revenge on Simba for exiling the Outsiders and spreads a wildfire throughout the Pride Lands. As part of Zira's plan, Kovu runs into the fire and rescues Kiara. Simba rewards Kovu for his actions by permitting him to stay with the Pridelanders, and Kovu gradually begins to fall in love with his childhood friend. However, after Zira and her Outsiders attack and injure Simba severely, Kovu is exiled from the Pride Lands. Kiara argues with her father, stunning him, and runs off to try and find Kovu prompting Mufasa to forgive Kovu. After finding Kovu he suggests that the pair run away together. Kiara explains that if they don't return then their prides will be divided forever, so they set off. As the pair arrive back home they see their prides engaged in a fierce battle. Kiara and Kovu leap in and end the battle by confronting their parents, but Zira, still enraged, leaps at Simba only for Kiara to block her and send them both tumbling into a flooded gorge. Kiara is rescued, but Zira refuses to be helped and plunges to her death.

Simba realizes that the pride is better united and, now joined, the two prides head back to Pride Rock. Kovu and Kiara are united in marriage as the rest of the pride looks on.


Voiced by Jason Marsden (adult)
Ryan O'Donohue (cub)
Gene Miller (adult, singing)[7]
Supervising animator Andrew Collins[7]
Species African Lion

Kovu is Zira's youngest son, Scar's adoptive son and chosen heir. Kovu means "scar" in Swahili, a reference to his character conception as Scar's son, which was changed due to the implications of him and Kiara being cousins and falling in love. It is never stated who Kovu's father is, only that Scar 'took him in'. Kovu has very dark fur and a black tuft on top of his head as a cub, which develops into a mane with a similar tuft.

As a cub, Kovu lives a rough life in the barren Outlands in Zira's pride of exiles loyal to Scar. After his older brother Nuka leaves him alone, Kovu meets Kiara and brags about his independence, impressing her. The cubs evade some crocodiles and begin to play, but are interrupted and separated by their parents. Zira confronts Kovu for being friendly towards Kiara. When he says he thought they could be friends, Zira hatches a plan to have Kovu infiltrate Simba's pride. Zira trains and conditions Kovu until he is grown, instilling a single-minded dedication to his mission to assassinate Simba and take his place as King of Pride Rock.

Kovu's siblings Vitani and Nuka stage a situation for Kovu to 'rescue' Kiara. He tells Simba that he is a rogue who has left the Outsiders, and asks to join the pride. Simba then reluctantly allows him to stay in payment of the debt of Kiara's life, and orders the young lion to sleep outside the den, not bothering to hide his contempt. Kovu is scornful of Kiara's inability to hunt, but helps her learn; in turn, she starts to teach him to have fun, and Kovu begins to doubt his mission. He tries to tell Kiara the truth, fearing that he will become like Scar, but feels unable and starts to leave. Rafiki intervenes and tries to get the two lions to fall in love, and Kovu realizes he cannot hurt Simba. A much changed Kovu resolves to confess his abandoned motives and tell Kiara of his love, but before he can do so, Simba, who has instantly warmed up to Kovu, takes him on a walk to talk to him about Scar, and Zira's Outsiders ambush them. Kovu tries to help Simba, but Vitani prevents him from doing so. Simba escapes but Nuka dies, and Zira blames Kovu. She strikes him, giving him a scar over his eye, similar to that of Scar's. Kovu angrily disowns Scar and leaves the Outlands. He tries to explain to the king, but Simba, thinking that Kovu was involved in the ambush, exiles him from the Pride Lands as a traitor.

Rejected by both prides, Kovu wanders as a rogue, trying to escape Scar's influence in his life. Kiara finds him and he wants to start a new pride with her, but she convinces him that they must try to reunite their own divided prides. The lions return to Pride Rock and break up a battle, and Kovu stands up to his mother, swearing to protect Kiara and Simba. After Zira's death, Simba admits that he was wrong about Kovu and allows him to join the pride as Kiara's mate and his son-in-law and future king.


Voiced by Suzanne Pleshette[7]
Supervising animator Kevin Peaty[7]
Species Lioness

Zira, meaning "hate" in Swahili, is the main antagonist of The Lion King II: Simba's Pride. She was a faithful follower of Scar who is devastated over his demise and craves vengeance on Simba for exiling her and her fellow Outsiders. A powerful contributing factor to her rage with Simba is that her son Kovu was selected by Scar as his heir; therefore, Zira believes that Kovu is entitled to the throne more than Simba and plots his demise. However, she takes advantage of Kovu's friendship with Simba's daughter Kiara and devises a plan in which the friendship can prove helpful to her in doing away with the king of Pride Rock. She later appears while carrying out the final stages of this plan, but fails and her neglected eldest son Nuka is crushed to death by falling logs during the Outsiders' attempt at murdering Simba. She blames Kovu for the incident and scratches him in the face giving him a scar like Scar's.

Toward the end of the film, the Pride Landers and the Outsiders confront one another yet again for a bloodthirsty, malicious battle between both sides, but Kiara's actions as a mediator manage to turn the exiled Outsiders against their former brutal ways and join the more peaceful lifestyle of the Pridelanders. Abandoned and enraged, Zira tries to attack Simba, but is intercepted by Kiara. Zira fights Kiara until she is hanging on a cliff; she refuses Kiara's help and falls into the rapid river apparently killing her (in a scene where she was originally intended to commit suicide willingly by falling into the same canyon, but this was edited as it was viewed as too brutal). Despite Zira's death, her original plan for Kovu to become king is most likely to come true, since Kovu makes no intentions of killing Simba and instead help him while entering a relationship with Kiara in addition his actions proving both prides of his character and worth, and because of that, Simba will allow Kovu to become his successor. Zira was voiced by Suzanne Pleshette.


Voiced by Andy Dick[7]
Supervising animator Ian Harrowell[7]
Species African Lion

Nuka, meaning "stink" in Swahili, is an antagonist of The Lion King II: Simba's Pride. He is Zira's (and possibly Scar's only biological) son, and the elder brother of Kovu and Vitani. Nuka has greyish-brown fur, a straggly black mane and a goatee like Scar's. He has uniquely goofy features and bent whiskers, and is infested with termites as an adolescent. Nuka is an envious youth who tries much too hard and is not taken seriously. He is bitter about being passed over for succession to the throne in favour of the younger Kovu, and deeply jealous of Zira's seeming greater affection for his brother. He constantly seeks his mother's approval. He has an apparent tendency for pyromania, taking manic pleasure from lighting a fire in the grassland. During the ambush on Simba, Nuka tries to kill Simba to prove himself to his mother, but is crushed by falling logs. After his death, Zira mourns him and asks Scar to watch over him.


Voiced by Jennifer Lien (adult)
Lacey Chabert (cub)
Crysta Macalush (cub, singing)[7]
Supervising animator Kevin Peaty[7]
Species Lioness

Vitani, meaning "battle" in Swahili, is Zira's daughter and middle child, the younger sister of Nuka and the older sister of Kovu. She is easily recognizable due to her hair tuft, wide bangs and freckles. She was originally named Shetani ('devil' in Swahili) in early drafts of the The Lion King II: Simba's Pride script, but this was softened to Vitani, which is a portmanteau of "demon of war". Vitani is introduced as an aggressive cub who is seen challenging her brother Kovu to a fight. As a young adult lioness, she appears to be Zira's strongest lieutenant, supporting and acting on her mother's violent plans. During the battle she confronts Nala asking her where her daughter is before fighting her. The younger lioness is outmatched, however during the climactic battle, Vitani is the first of the Outsiders to realize that the fighting is pointless and cross over to Simba's side and finds out it was the hyenas who killed Scar because he blamed them for killing his own brother Mufasa, triggering all of Zira's other supporters to desert her.

The Lion King 1½[edit]


Voiced by Julie Kavner[8]
Supervising animator Lianne Hughes[8]
Species Meerkat

Ma appears in The Lion King 1½ as Timon's mother. Her personal name is unknown. She is a chubby middle-aged meerkat with a light fur tuft on her head, like Timon's. Generally encouraging and optimistic, she believes in Timon when no-one else does and convinces Uncle Max to give him a job as a sentry, or look-out. After Timon fails in his duty, she remains convinced that he can still find a place in the colony, but when he insists that he has to go, Ma supports him. Later she gets worried about Timon after speaking to Rafiki and searches for him. They finally reunite at Pride Rock and Ma helps in the battle against the hyenas by digging a long tunnel to trap them. After Simba becomes king, the death of Scar and avenging Mufasa, Timon takes them and the entire meerkat colony to the jungle paradise he and Pumbaa discovered.

Uncle Max[edit]

Uncle Max
Voiced by Jerry Stiller[8]
Supervising animator Lianne Hughes[8]
Species Meerkat

Uncle Max is a prominent member of the meerkat colony and relative of Timon and Ma. He has grey head-fur and a very large nose. Max is a pessimist by nature and very paranoid, believing that a meerkat's fate is to be "food for other animals! Feared by nothing and eaten by all!" Max reluctantly agrees to let Timon be a sentry for the colony and attempts to train him for the job, but is nearly eaten by the hyenas when they attack. He is glad to see Timon go but ends up going with Ma to find him. Max appears again towards the end of the film, where he and Ma encounter Timon and Pumbaa at Pride Rock, and helps Timon get rid of the hyenas by digging a tunnel. Max finally believes in Timon, and after Timon takes the meerkats to his jungle paradise, Max teaches the meerkats tai chi instead of how not to be eaten.

Timon & Pumbaa[edit]


Voiced by Corey Burton
Species Human

Quint is a sneaky, slender muscular guy with black hair, a pink nose, and a shaven face with varying roles. His wears different clothes in each episode because of the different jobs he has, but he is often seen wearing a hat. He also has different first names that show what his jobs are (they all seem to start with C).

Quint is a con artist who tricks Timon into stealing a gold nugget Pumbaa found in the episode "Yukon Con", a criminal who stole a suitcase that has $1,290,000 in the episode "How to Beat the High Costa Rica", an evil clock inspector who wants to get revenge on a timekeeper in the episode "Swiss Missed", a French chef who wants to make Speedy the Snail an escargot in the episode "French Fried", etc.. In the episode "The Pain in Spain", two Quints were seen together, which can reveal that there is more than one of him.

In some episodes, Quint appears to be a non-villainous man with an honest job, but he still seems to annoy Timon and Pumbaa. Notably in Season 2, Quint's face appears to not be shaven, except in the episode "Klondike Con" when he becomes a gold thief. Also, in the episode "Escape From Newark", his nose is the same color as his body for the first time.

Speedy the Snail[edit]

Voiced by Corey Burton
Species Snail

Speedy is a kind-hearted talking and singing bluish-grayish snail with a shiny red shell and a yellow fedora. In the episode "French Fried", Timon and Pumbaa were about to eat him until they found out he can talk and sing. Timon gave him the name "Speedy" because he thought it would be a brilliant incongruity for a snail. Speedy always finds himself in danger, such as becoming a French gourmet snail and an earring out of his shell, and it's always up for Timon and Pumbaa to save him.

In the episode "The Man from J.U.N.G.L.E.", it is shown that Speedy is a superhero called Super Duper Hero X after Timon and Pumbaa were captured by his nemesis Chromosome Quint. Every episode featuring Speedy end with Timon and Pumbaa saying bye to Speedy, a seagull capturing Speedy, and then Timon and Pumbaa trying to save him once again.

Speedy makes a non-speaking cameo appearance in the episode "Washington Applesauce".


Voiced by S. Scott Bullock
Species Meerkat

Fred was Timon's old meerkat friend at the meerkat colony. He has yellow hair, a red nose, and buck teeth. He has been pulling many practical jokes on Timon in the past, such as the hand buzzer, the squirting flower, and the whoopee cushion. Timon's hyena jokes also made him laugh.

When Fred visits Timon and Pumbaa, he pulls more practical jokes on the duo, such as impersonating Timon's mother or impersonating a Billy Goat guard. Timon and Pumbaa, however, don't find Fred's jokes very funny and they often overpower him. At the meerkat colony, Fred's job was to guard the Duke Meerkat's castle, but when Timon got banished, his new job was to guard the colony. He appears in a total of four episodes: "Tanzania Zany", "Mombasa-In-Law", "Once Upon a Timon", and "Mind Over Matterhorn".

Fred's name means "peace."

Boss Beaver[edit]

Boss Beaver
Voiced by Brad Garrett
Species North American beaver

Boss Beaver is a cranky, grumpy, ill-tempered beaver with a booming voice and a white hard hat. He owns a lumber mill and an amusement park called "Boss Beaver's Log Land". He also has two mottos: "makuta hamaka", which means "work real hard", and "safety first".

He likes his job of making Timon and Pumbaa work for him and being safe. Boss Beaver's favorite quote is when he introduces himself or what he owns, for example: "I am Boss Beaver and the reason they call me Boss Beaver is that I am your boss and I am a beaver. Therefore, I am Boss Beaver." As seen in the episode "Amusement Bark", he has a mischievous son named Boy Beaver. Boss Beaver appears in a total of three episodes (or four if it includes "Washington Applesauce").


Voiced by Charlie Adler
Species Adelie Penguin

Irwin is a clumsy, accident-prone penguin with a green scarf and a brown ski hat. He also has a really annoying voice and apologizes every time he causes harm to people around him. Irwin befriends Timon and Pumbaa at a boat stop when he shows them the two extra tickets he has to get on the boat. Timon later begins to dislike him when he finds out about his clumsiness. He gets rid of Irwin by tricking him into thinking they're playing a game of hide-and-seek, but then he and Pumbaa run into him on an island when Timon was about to open their suitcase.

Irwin meets Timon and Pumbaa again at the Hakuna Matata Megamall and because of all the painful accidents he caused them, the two try to avoid him by hiding in various stores. Irwin appears in a total of two episodes: "Frantic Atlantic" and "Shopping Mauled".

Toucan Dan[edit]

Toucan Dan
Voiced by Jeff Bennett
Species Toco Toucan

Toucan Dan is a dangerously clever criminal mastermind toucan with a red fez. Timon and Pumbaa call him "Lying No-Good Toucan Dan" because everything he says is a lie. He is a convincing liar and impersonator who makes anyone believe anything he says. He appears in two episodes of the series.

In the episode "I Don't Bolivia", when Timon has trouble getting a snail out of its shell, he goes to Toucan Dan to help him, but Pumbaa tells his friend that Toucan Dan is a liar, according to the signs around the toucan. Timon still goes to him and Toucan Dan talks him into realizing him from his cage. After Timon accidentally does so, the Vulture Police show up and tell him to put Toucan Dan back in his cage. After Timon and Pumbaa put the toucan back, Toucan Dan keeps tricking Timon into freeing him from his cage. He later impersonates Timon, causing Pumbaa to determine which one is the real Timon.

In the episode "Alcatraz Mataz", Toucan Dan frames Timon and Pumbaa for stealing a train car full of beak polish, so the Vulture Police throw them in jail. Timon and Pumbaa escape and go to Toucan Dan to get him to confess. Toucan Dan later gets arrested again when the Vulture Police find out it was really him who stole the train car full of beak polish.


Voiced by Charlie Adler
Species Hare

Rabbit is a large, tall, and obese pink hare-rabbit and a very tiring animal. In his debut episode "Mojave Desserted", Timon and Pumbaa save his life when he was drowning in quicksand. Rabbit then tries to repay Timon and Pumbaa hand and foot, which annoys Timon and Pumbaa. So the duo put themselves in danger in order to make Rabbit save them and not bother them anymore.

Rabbit makes his second and final appearance in the episode "Africa-Dabra!", this time appearing as an antagonizing magician. He teams up with Timon by doing a magic trick to win the Serengeti Star Talent Contest. After Pumbaa "ruins" the magic tricks, Rabbit breaks up their friendship. When Pumbaa realizes that Timon never truly said anything mean about him, he gets revenge on Rabbit by putting him in a cage and stripping off his fur.

Vulture Police[edit]

Vulture Police
Voiced by Vulture 1:
Townsend Coleman
Vulture 2:
Brian Cummings
Species Vultures

The Vulture Police are two fast-talking vulture cops. They appear in a total of six episodes of Timon & Pumbaa. They first appear in the episode "The Law of the Jungle", where they catch Timon scratching his back with the Forbidden Stick that he was not supposed to touch, and take him to a rhino judge.

In the episode "Yosemite Remedy", Timon and Pumbaa ask the vultures to arrest a raccoon thief who stole their suitcase, but they did not after the thief said that he just found their suitcase. Then near the end of the episode, they arrest the thief after they realize he has been lying.

In the episode "Alcatraz Mataz", the vultures throw Timon and Pumbaa in jail after Toucan Dan framed them for stealing a train car full of beak polish. Timon tries to tell them the truth, but they don't believe him. They then arrest Toucan Dan when they see that it was really him who stole the train car full of beak polish. However, they throw Timon and Pumbaa back to jail because Timon and Pumbaa escaped when they told them not to.

The vultures make a brief appearance in the episode "Wide Awake in Wonderland", in the meerkat and warthog version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.


Voiced by Pat Fraley
Species Wolverine

The Wolverine is an unnamed carnivore who makes his first and only appearance in the episode "I Think I Canada." He enrolls Timon and Pumbaa to a fitness program called "Survival of the Fittest." When he takes Timon and Pumbaa to the training camp, he first makes the duo stand on a scale, which mocks Timon and Pumbaa. The wolverine then shaves Timon and Pumbaa's hairs (and Pumbaa's tail), puts helmets that look like turtle shells on them, and gives them five steps on how to be fit. After Pumbaa succeeds the fifth step, the wolverine tells him that the final step is for him to eat the warthog. While Pumbaa runs to Timon, the wolverine chases him and runs into several obstacles and then gets tired. Timon tells him that all the exercises he gave them were not good for their health.

Cheetata and Cheetato[edit]

Cheetata and Cheetato
Voiced by Cheetata:
Rob Paulsen
Jim Cummings
Species Cheetahs

Cheetata and Cheetato are two sophisticated twin cheetahs that hunt for prey and intimidate their victims. In order to tell who's who, not only do they have different voices, but they also have different personalities. Cheetata seems to think things through while Cheetato appears to be more eager and aggressive.

In the episode "Cooked Goose", the cheetahs try to get rid of Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed by sending them in various wild goose chases so that they can catch and eat a wildebeest. When the hyenas realize that they have been tricked after being sent on the last wild goose chase, they go to the cheetahs and teach them a lesson by eating the two. They then run into a wild goose who asks them for a direction to a wild goose convention. After showing the goose the direction, the five chase it.

In the episode "Gabon With the Wind", Cheetata and Cheetato are about to eat Timon. But then, Timon tells them that he is going to go catch Pumbaa when he is really going to go find him so that they can both run away to safety. After Timon tells Pumbaa what happened, the cheetahs find the two and are about to eat them. But after Cheetata calls Pumbaa a "pig", Pumbaa goes berserk and knocks the cheetahs into a tree. Cheetata and Cheetato are now hanging above a pot with their mouths taped shut.

In the episode "Boary Glory Days", Timon and Pumbaa play a game of predator tag with them. After being tricked by Timon and Pumbaa, Cheetata and Cheetato fall into a mud and Timon and Pumbaa throw tomatoes at them.

The Three Natives[edit]

The Three Natives
Voiced by Jeff Bennett
Species Humans

The Three Natives are a trio of indigenous peoples. They are actually university students looking for a job. They have a leader who is also a college student and who starts talking by saying "Bungala, bungala."

The Natives first appear in the episode "Boara Boara". When Timon and Pumbaa arrive at the tropical island, they kidnap Pumbaa so they could eat him. But their leader mistakes Pumbaa for their god-king and the Natives treat him as one. After Timon was about to escape with Pumbaa, the Natives are about to throw him in a volcano. They then make Timon be Pumbaa's servant. After Pumbaa fails restoring fire, the Natives realize that he is an imposter and they chase Timon and Pumbaa.

In the episode "New Guinea Pig", Timon and Pumbaa open a Tusk Museum to trade Pumbaa's tusks to the Natives. But when Pumbaa is unable to take off his tusks, the three take out their weapons to catch and kill him so they can cut his tusks off. The Three Natives make a brief appearance in the episode "Mozam-Beaked", when Timon and Pumbaa are about to throw a woodpecker inside a volcano.


Voiced by Tress MacNeille
Species Meerkat

Tatiana is the daughter of the Duke Meerkat and the princess of the meerkat colony. While the Duke is away from the colony for a day, Timon daydreams about Tatiana while he's guarding the back gate. Fred suggests that he abandons his post and have a date with the princess since she's alone in the castle. When Timon leaves his post, a cobra shows up and takes over the colony. While Timon is getting prepared for his date, the cobra kidnaps Tatiana. After hearing about this, the Duke banishes Timon from the colony for leaving his post. After Timon meets Pumbaa for the first time, the two see Tatiana about to get eaten by the cobra. Timon and Pumbaa rescue the princess and return to the meerkat colony. For Timon being a hero, Tatiana offers him a hand in marriage, but when Timon tells the Duke to accept Pumbaa to the colony, the Duke makes Timon choose between keeping the rewards he gave him and marry Tatiana or be bestest best friends with Pumbaa for the rest of his life. Timon chooses to be bestest best friends with Pumbaa and the two get kicked out of the colony. In the episode "Timon in Love," there is a female meerkat who bears a striking resemblance to Tatiana. The only difference is that the female meerkat in this episode has red hair while Tatiana is a blonde.

Pumbaa Jr.[edit]

Pumbaa Jr.
Voiced by Nancy Cartwright
Species American alligator

Pumbaa Jr. is an alligator who hatches in an egg Pumbaa believes he laid. He believes Pumbaa is his mother and Timon is his uncle. Pumbaa gives him the name "Pumbaa Jr." because he thinks he's a warthog just like him. Timon, however, thinks that Pumbaa Jr. is an ugly chicken. Pumbaa Jr. talks very fast and he seems to enjoy biting Timon's tail. What also annoys Timon about him is when he keeps asking Pumbaa "How come" questions. After overhearing Timon talk to Pumbaa about him, Pumbaa Jr. runs away from home and finds himself a girlfriend. He thanks Timon and Pumbaa for raising him and he and his girlfriend move to a chicken barn.

Uncle Boaris[edit]

Uncle Boaris
Voiced by Jim Cummings
Species Warthog

Uncle Boaris is Pumbaa's uncle who lives in an apartment in Russia. He has a friendly personality, as seen when he greets Timon and Pumbaa with strong hugs. He has light greenish skin, a mustache underneath his snout, and large eyebrows. He has a normal sized right eye with a white cornea and an enlarged left eye with a reddish cornea and a beady iris. Unlike Pumbaa, Boaris stands on two legs and wears a pink shirt, a reddish handkerchief, and an ushanka. Boaris is the greatest ballet-dancer in all of Russia. But after he talks to Pumbaa about his final performance at Swine Lake, he slips on caviar, falls down the stairs and gets injured, due to Timon throwing the bowl of caviar on the floor. So Boaris makes Pumbaa take his place in his performance, but Pumbaa can't dance. Boaris is later fully recovered and does his final ballet performance.


Voiced by Tahj Mowry
Species Mandrill

Nefu is the nephew of Rafiki. His only appearance in the series is in the episode "Rafiki's Apprentice." Nefu has rich chocolate brown fur and his underbelly is a darker version of that color. His hair appears to be braided into short stump dreadlocks and is a dark cinnamon color. Unlike his uncle, he wears clothing, such as a red bandana and green shorts. Nefu appears to be lazy and snarky. He wants to be just like Rafiki, but when Rafiki makes him place gourds inside a tree, he uses his uncle's stick to make trees come to life and do the job for him. Nefu also makes an appearance in a comic called "This Chore's a Bore," where he has to clean up a mess in Rafiki's tree, but instead sweeps it under a rug to convince he did a "good enough job."

Stink the Stinkbug[edit]

Voiced by Jess Harnell
Species Stinkbug

Stink is a stinkbug who Pumbaa befriends at the Canadian Rockies. His name is derived from Swahili word "Pumbavu" meaning "silly" or "witless". Pumbaa was about to eat him until he finds out that he's just as smelly as he is. Stink used to be a drummer in a band with three other bugs, but they've kicked him out because of his smell. Stink then gets lost and lonely and ends up lying on an icicle, which makes him catch a cold, until Pumbaa finds him and brings him to his and Timon's cabin. The bugs later apologize to Stink for what they've done and they accept him back in the group. Timon then believes that he ate Stink and so he lies to Pumbaa by telling him a ferocious grizzly bear broke into their cabin and kidnapped him. When Timon and Pumbaa are about to get eaten by three grizzly bears, Stink gets kicked out of the band again and he rescues Timon and Pumbaa by making a huge snowball as he falls due to his sneeze, making the grizzly bears go away and leave Timon and Pumbaa alone. After Timon apologizes to Pumbaa for lying to him, he also becomes Stink's friend. Stink then suggests that Timon and Pumbaa eat the three bugs that were mean to him since they're really hungry.

Smolder the Bear[edit]

Voiced by Jim Cummings
Species Grizzly bear

Smolder is a grumpy, short-tempered, but genuinely a nice grizzly bear. He is not exactly one of Timon and Pumbaa's nemesis but he can get angry at them very easily if they annoy him, such as waking him up from his nap and getting his food order wrong.

In the episode "Jailhouse Shock", he becomes cell mates with Little Jimmy. Little Jimmy takes advantage of Smolder by making him believe that Timon and Pumbaa hurt him so he can beat the two up. As seen in the episodes "Ready, Aim, Fire" and "Stay Away from my Honey!", Smolder starts to show compassion for Timon and Pumbaa towards the end of the series. In the series, Smolder is known as Mr. Bear or just Bear.

Little Jimmy[edit]

Little Jimmy
Voiced by Joe Alaskey
Species Bluebird

Little Jimmy is a cute, yet dangerous bluebird. Like Toucan Dan, he is a criminal mastermind and is somewhat dishonest. He has two voices: his sweet and innocent cute voice and his criminal voice.

In his debut episode "Nest Best Thing", Little Jimmy asks Pumbaa to build him a house, but the house is actually a hideout. Timon tries to tell Pumbaa that Little Jimmy is dangerous, but Pumbaa doesn't believe him until the police come to arrest Little Jimmy.

In the episode "Jailhouse Shock", Little Jimmy is cell mates with Smolder the Bear and in order to get revenge on Timon and Pumbaa for putting him in jail, he tricks Smolder into thinking that Timon and Pumbaa did mean things to him and Smolder gets ready to hurt them.


  • Ned the Elephant (voiced by Frank Welker): A high and mighty elephant who thinks he's wonderful at everything.
  • Gopher (voiced by Jim Cummings): Zazu's assistant. He makes a brief appearance in The Lion King and becomes a recurring character in the Timon & Pumbaa TV series, with a noticeably different design.
  • The Native Chief (voiced by Jeff Bennett): The leader of the three natives. He is also a university student and he usually precedes what he says with "Bungala, bun gala!"
  • El Toro (voiced by Corey Burton): The bravest bull in all of Spain.
  • Monti & Baampu (voiced by Quinton Flynn and Ernie Sabella): A meerkat and warthog who Timon and Pumbaa each meet after breaking up on Bestest Best Friend Day. They are Timon and Pumbaa's polar opposites.
  • Ralph and Eddie (voiced by Rob Paulsen and Richard Karron): Two snakes that build an all-you-can-eat bug buffet to trap Timon and Pumbaa.
  • Leslie Lambeau (voiced by Grey DeLisle): A beautiful supermodel who Timon, Pumbaa, and Smolder the Bear have a crush for.
  • Peter-Lorre Husband (voiced by Rob Paulsen): A jeweler and later a butterfly collector.
  • Mr. Happy (voiced by Steve Mackall): A kid genius who likes to help endangered animals. He has a dog named Happy Dog (also voiced by Steve Mackall), who serves as his sidekick.
  • Duke Meerkat (voiced by Jeff Bennett): The ruler of the meerkat colony.
  • Sharla and the Three Male Warthogs (voiced by Billy West, James Belushi, and Stephen Furst): A group of warthogs, lead by Sharla, who Pumbaa used to live with. They've banished him because they couldn't stand his smell. Sharla, however, still has romantic feelings for Pumbaa.
  • Dr. Caliostro (voiced by Billy West): A mad scientist who wants to make Timon and Pumbaa beautiful by using his machine called "The Metamorphitron."
  • Torgo (voiced by Maurice LaMarche and Grey DeLisle (as a woman)): Dr. Caliostro's monster and assistant.
  • Lester (voiced by Jim Cummings): An enchanted three-wish wishing whale. After Pumbaa makes his and Timon's third wish, Lester turns into a human princess.
  • Bruce (voiced by Jim Cummings): A land crab who lives in the Australian Outback. Timon mistakes him for a giant bug and tries several times to catch him, but Bruce keeps outsmarting him. He later becomes Pumbaa's new friend.
  • The Meerkat Angel (voiced by Jeff Bennett): A divine messenger in Meerkat Heaven. He sends Timon back to Earth so that after he does one good deed, he'll die again and enter heaven.
  • Mother Eagle (voiced by Joycee Katz): A mother bird who gets angry at Timon for stealing her son's grubs. She makes Timon and Pumbaa babysit her son while she gets more bugs.
  • Baby Earl (voiced by Brad Garrett): Mother Eagle's son.
  • King Leopold (voiced by Frank Welker): The king of the leopards.
  • Princess Claudia (voiced by Tara Strong): King Leopold's daughter and the princess of the leopards.
  • Pimon & Tumbaa (voiced by Billy West and Kevin Michael Richardson): A buff meerkat and warthog who steal Timon & Pumbaa's bag of bugs.

Book characters[edit]


Kopa is the son of Simba and Nala who appears in the book series The Lion King: Six New Adventures. He is shown to look a lot like his father when he was a cub except with a tuft of hair on top of his head.


Ahadi is the husband of Uru, the father of Mufasa and Scar, the grandfather of Simba, the great-grandfather of Kopa, and was King of the Pride Lands during the events of The Lion King: Six New Adventures story A Tale of Two Brothers. He is shown to look a lot like Mufasa except with darker fur.


Uru is the wife of Ahadi, the mother of Mufasa and Scar, the grandmother of Simba, the great-grandmother of Kopa, and was Queen of the Pride Lands during the events of The Lion King: Six New Adventures story A Tale of Two Brothers. She is absent from the book but is mentioned to have left to search for water to save the kingdom.


Mohatu is the father of either Ahadi or Uru, the grandfather of Mufasa and Scar, the great-grandfather of Simba, and King of the Pride Lands during the events of The Lion King: Six New Adventures story The Brightest Star. He went to find water for the animals of the land. He is shown to look a lot like a darker furred version of Mufasa, having facial features like Simba's and was said to have been one of the greatest kings of the Pride Lands.


Ni is a character who appears in The Lion King: Six New Adventures story Nala's Dare. He is a young lion who has left his pride to start his own and travels through the Pride Lands and saves Nala from hyenas before leaving after meeting the rest of the Pridelanders.


Kula is a character in The Lion King: Six New Adventures story Nala's Dare. She is one of Nala's friends and one of the cubs of the Pridelanders. Kula is also said to be the mate of Chumvi.


Chumvi is a character in The Lion King: Six New Adventures story Nala's Dare. He is one of Nala's friends and one of the cubs of the Pridelanders.


Joka is a giant python in The Lion King: Six New Adventures story A Snake in the Grass. He is extremely intelligent and is able to formulate complicated plans in a short amount of time. He has the power to twist his words into whatever he rightly wants and uses hypnotism to lure unsuspecting victims into believing his empty words.


Jelani is Rafiki's lazy cousin in The Lion King: Six New Adventures story Follow the Leader. Despite being considered leader of his troop, he is unconcerned about the suffering of his subjects, as he is often too concerned about his own welfare to lead them to a new home.


Kwaheri is Kopa's monkey friend in The Lion King: Six New Adventures stories Nala's Dare and How True, Zazu? He is social, talkative, and critical to his friends. He often flaunts his talents around Kopa to either spark a reaction or just be a show-off.


Boma is a cape buffalo who appears in The Lion King: Six New Adventures stories A Tale of Two Brothers and How True, Zazu? He is the leader of the cape buffalo and he is aggressive, controlling, selfish, strong, and short-tempered. He is also somewhat seclusive and gruff, as he doesn't seem to understand that there is a balance between species, which can affect the whole of the Pride Lands.


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