Signature Tower Jakarta

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Signature Tower Jakarta
Former names The Signature Tower
General information
Status Never built
Type hotel and office[1]
Location Jakarta, Indonesia
Construction started 2014[1]
Completed 2020[1]
Architectural 638 m (2,093 ft)[1]
Tip 638 m (2,093 ft)[1]
Top floor 515.8 m (1,692 ft)[1]
Observatory 515.8 m (1,692 ft)[1]
Technical details
Floor count 113 above ground and 6 below[1]
Design and construction
Developer PT Grahamas Adisentosa[1]

Signature Tower Jakarta was a proposed building in Jakarta. In 2013, the tower was cancelled.[citation needed] Construction would have expected to start in 2014 and it would have been completed in 2020. It would have become the 5th tallest building in the world.[2]

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