Strictly Come Dancing (series 5)

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Strictly Come Dancing (series 5)
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 12
Original channel BBC One
Original run 29 September 2007 – 22 December 2007
Additional information
Celebrity winner Alesha Dixon
Professional winner Matthew Cutler
Series chronology
← Previous
Series 4
Next →
Series 6

The fifth series of Strictly Come Dancing began on BBC One on 29 September 2007. Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly returned as co-presenters of the main show on BBC One, while Claudia Winkleman returned to present spin-off show Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two on BBC Two. Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli, Craig Revel Horwood and Arlene Phillips returned to the judging panel for their fifth series.

The first programme was a catch-up show and preview to the new series, before the start of the competition on 6 October. The show ran for 12 weeks, up to 22 December. The show featured 14 new celebrities, who had been paired with 14 professional dancers. In a change to the previous format, the results show was on Sunday, rather than later on Saturday. The fifth series was also the first in which all the professional dancers from the previous year have returned.

The winners of this series were Alesha Dixon and Matthew Cutler.

The show[edit]

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Each show works in a similar way. The couples will, in turn, perform their dance for the judges, the audience and the public. The judges (Craig Revel Horwood, Arlene Phillips, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli) then review their performance, and give them a score out of ten.

When all the couples have danced, they are inserted onto the leader board, where the highest ranked couple will get the highest amount of points available, and the lowest ranked couple getting one point. However, the judges' score only counts for 50% of the total score, and the public get to choose the remaining 50% of the vote by calling in.

In a change to the format, the two couples with the lowest score will have to perform a dance-off on the results show. From week nine, the couple will dance their highest scoring dance in the dance-off. The judges will decide (based on that performance alone) which couple should stay and which couple should leave. In the event of a 50/50 split, Len (as head judge) will decide which couple should leave the show.[1]


This year there were 14 couples: 7 male celebrities and 7 female celebrities. They were:

Celebrity Known for Professional partner Status
Brian Capron Actor Karen Hardy Eliminated 1st
on 7 October 2007
Stephanie Beacham Actress Vincent Simone Eliminated 2nd
on 14 October 2007
Willie Thorne Former snooker player Erin Boag Eliminated 3rd
on 21 October 2007
Gabby Logan BBC Sport presenter James Jordan Eliminated 4th
on 28 October 2007
Dominic Littlewood Journalist & television presenter Lilia Kopylova Eliminated 5th
on 4 November 2007
Penny Lancaster Stewart Model & photographer Ian Waite Eliminated 6th
on 11 November 2007
Kate Garraway GMTV presenter Anton du Beke Eliminated 7th
on 18 November 2007
John Barnes Former England footballer Nicole Cutler Eliminated 8th
on 25 November 2007
Kelly Brook Actress, television presenter & Playboy model Brendan Cole Withdrew
on 2 December 2007
Kenny Logan Former Scotland rugby player Ola Jordan Eliminated 9th
on 2 December 2007
Letitia Dean EastEnders actress Darren Bennett Eliminated 10th
on 9 December 2007
Gethin Jones Blue Peter presenter Camilla Dallerup Third Place
on 16 December 2007
Matt Di Angelo EastEnders actor Flavia Cacace Second Place
on 22 December 2007
Alesha Dixon Former Mis-Teeq singer Matthew Cutler Winners
on 22 December 2007

Scoring chart[edit]

     indicates the couple eliminated that week
     indicates the couple that was in the bottom two that week but not eliminated
     indicates the couple withdrew from the competition that week
     indicates the winning couple
     indicates the runner-up couple
     indicates the third-place couple
Red text the couple(s) with the lowest score for that week
Green text the couple(s) with the highest score for that week
"—" indicates the couple(s) did not dance that week
Team Place 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Alesha & Matthew 1 31 36 33 36 35 38 39 38+36=74 38+36=74 38+38=76 39+38+35=112
Matt & Flavia 2 23 30 36 31 29 34 38 32+33=65 26+29=55 35+40=75 36+39+35=110
Gethin & Camilla 3 22 29 26 31 36 31 34 39+35=74 38+37=75 34+36=70
Letitia & Darren 4 23 27 31 31 25 34 32 30+26=56 35+30=65
Kenny & Ola 5 21 25 18 21 26 22 30 30+23=53
Kelly & Brendan 6 33 35 34 28 36 36 29
John & Nicole 7 26 27 22 24 36 28 27
Kate & Anton 8 15 19 16 26 18 21
Penny & Ian 9 33 25 32 35 25
Dominic & Lilia 10 25 25 26 25
Gabby & James 11 29 31 30
Willie & Erin 12 24 23
Stephanie & Vincent 13 24
Brian & Karen 14 18

Weekly Scores and songs

Week 1

Additional information[edit]

  • Kate Garraway was injured whilst training before the first live show, forcing her to stop training while she recovered. She did not take part in the group dance performed by the female celebrities in the first week of the show, but was able to compete from Week 2 onwards.
  • As in the previous series, the male celebrity couples danced for the judges in the first week of the competition, while the female celebrity couples performed an unmarked group dance. This was reversed in Week 2, and from Week 3 onwards, all couples competed against each other.
  • In Week 4 of the competition, judge Bruno Tonioli awarded the first 10-point score of the series to an American Smooth performed by Kelly Brook and Brendan Cole. However, this drew criticism from the other judges, as the routine included an illegal lift.
  • In Week 9, Kelly Brook officially announced that she had withdrawn from the competition following the death of her father at the beginning of the week.

Highest and lowest scoring performances[edit]

The best and worst performances in each dance according to the judges' scores are as follows:

Dance Best dancer(s) Best score Worst dancer(s) Worst score
Cha Cha Cha Alesha Dixon 39 Gethin Jones/Kenny Logan 22
Jive Gethin Jones 37 Dominic Littlewood/Penny Lancaster 25
Rumba Kelly Brook/Matt Di Angelo 33 Letitia Dean/Kenny Logan 23
Paso doble Alesha Dixon 36 Kenny Logan/Kate Garraway 21
Samba Alesha Dixon 36 Kate Garraway 16
Waltz Matt Di Angelo 40 Brian Capron 18
Quickstep Alesha Dixon 38 Kate Garraway 15
Foxtrot Alesha Dixon 36 John Barnes 24
Tango Alesha Dixon 38 Kate Garraway 19
Viennese Waltz Alesha Dixon 38 Kenny Logan 26
American Smooth Gethin Jones 38 John Barnes 22
Salsa Matt Di Angelo 39 Kate Garraway 18
Argentine Tango Alesha Dixon 38 Matt Di Angelo 35


Week Revel Horwood's vote Phillips' vote Tonioli's vote Goodman's vote Safe Eliminated
1 Brian and Karen Kenny and Ola Kenny and Ola Kenny and Ola Kenny and Ola Brian and Karen
2 Letitia and Darren Stephanie and Vincent Letitia and Darren Letitia and Darren Letitia and Darren Stephanie and Vincent
3 John and Nicole John and Nicole John and Nicole N/A John and Nicole Willie and Erin
4 Gabby and James Penny and Ian Penny and Ian Penny and Ian Penny and Ian Gabby and James
5 John and Nicole John and Nicole John and Nicole N/A John and Nicole Dominic and Lilia
6 Matt and Flavia Penny and Ian Matt and Flavia Matt and Flavia Matt and Flavia Penny and Ian
7 John and Nicole John and Nicole John and Nicole N/A John and Nicole Kate and Anton
8 Kelly and Brendan Kelly and Brendan Kelly and Brendan N/A Kelly and Brendan John and Nicole
9 Letitia and Darren Letitia and Darren Letitia and Darren N/A Letitia and Darren Kenny and Ola
10 Alesha and Matthew Alesha and Matthew Alesha and Matthew N/A Alesha and Matthew Letitia and Darren
11 Matt and Flavia Gethin and Camilla Matt and Flavia Matt and Flavia Matt and Flavia Gethin and Camilla

Dance chart[edit]

     Highest scoring dance
     Lowest scoring dance
     Not performed due toinjury
Contestants 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Alesha & Matthew Group Swing Rumba Jive American Smooth Foxtrot Salsa Waltz Cha-Cha-Cha Tango Samba Viennese Waltz Paso Doble Quickstep Argentine Tango Waltz Cha-Cha-Cha Jive
Matt & Flavia Cha-Cha-Cha Group Merengue Jive American Smooth Paso Doble Viennese Waltz Quickstep Salsa Tango Rumba Foxtrot Samba Argentine Tango Waltz American Smooth Salsa Quickstep
Gethin & Camilla Cha-Cha-Cha Group Merengue Tango Samba Foxtrot Viennese Waltz Rumba Quickstep Waltz Salsa American Smooth Jive Paso Doble Argentine Tango
Letitia & Darren Group Swing Rumba Tango American Smooth Paso Doble Salsa Foxtrot Viennese Waltz Quickstep Cha-Cha-Cha Waltz Jive
Kenny & Ola Waltz Group Merengue Tango Samba Paso Doble Viennese Waltz Cha-Cha-Cha American Smooth Foxtrot Rumba
Kelly & Brendan Group Swing Rumba Tango American Smooth Paso Doble Viennese Waltz Jive Samba
John & Nicole Cha-Cha-Cha Group Merengue Jive American Smooth Foxtrot Salsa Tango Samba
Kate & Anton Group Swing Quickstep Tango Samba Foxtrot Salsa Paso Doble
Penny & Ian Group Swing Quickstep Jive Samba Foxtrot Salsa
Dominic & Lilia Cha-Cha-Cha Group Merengue Jive American Smooth Paso Doble
Gabby & James Group Swing Quickstep Jive Samba
Willie & Erin Waltz Group Merengue Tango
Stephanie & Vincent Group Swing Quickstep
Brian & Karen Waltz

Dances by week[edit]

  • Week 1: Cha-Cha-Cha or Waltz(Men) & Group Swing Dance(Women).*
  • Week 2: Quickstep or Rumba(Women) & Group Merengue(Men.
  • Week 3: Tango or Jive.
  • Week 4: American Smooth or Samba.
  • Week 5: Foxtrot or Paso Doble.
  • Week 6: Viennese Waltz or Salsa & Group Jitterbug for Remembrance Day
  • Week 7: One unlearned dance from Week 1-Week 6.
  • Week 8: One unlearned dance from Week 1-Week 6 & Group Dirty Dancing, for the anniversary of movie legend, Dirty Dancing.
  • Week 9: Two unlearned dances, one Latin and one Ballroom, from Week 1-Week 6.
  • Week 10: Two unlearned dances, one Latin and one Ballroom, from Week 1-Week 6.
  • Week 11: Final unlearned dance from Week 1-Week 6 & Argentine Tango.
  • Week 12: The two/three* finalists perform their favourite Ballroom Dance, their favourite Latin dance, a group Viennese Waltz, a Judge's choice of music dance and finally a Freestyle, before the ultimate public decision. In addition, the eliminated couples came back and danced their favourite routines;
  • Brian & Karen: Waltz
  • Stephanie & Vincent: Quickstep
  • Willie & Erin: Waltz
  • Gabby & James: Jive
  • Dom & Lilia: Cha Cha Cha
  • Kate & Anton: Paso Doble
  • Penny & Ian: Samba
  • John & Nicole: Salsa
  • Kelly & Brendan: Viennese Waltz
  • Kenny & Ola: Paso Doble
  • Letitia & Darren: Foxtrot
  • Gethin and Camilla: Salsa
  • Kate Garraway was unable to participate in the group Swing Dance due to being injured.
  • Strictly's final is supposed to have three finalists but in the past two years celebrities have had to drop out of the series, including Kelly Brook, and Jimmy Tarbuck, meaning there are only two finalists. Even though John Sergeant pulled out of Series 6, there were still three couples in the final; in Series 7, Jade Johnson withdrew due to a knee injury, resulting with a final once again of two contestants.

Favourite dance[edit]

During the series, eliminated professional dancers appeared on It Takes Two to nominate their favourite routines of the series. Nicole Cutler and Vincent Simone both chose routines performed by their professional dance partners and their respective celebrities.

  • Nicole Cutler – Alesha & Matthew's Cha Cha Cha
  • Ian Waite – Alesha & Matthew's Waltz
  • Darren Bennett – Gabby & James's Samba
  • Vincent Simone – Matt & Flavia's Salsa
  • Karen Hardy – John & Nicole's Salsa
  • Ola Jordan – Letitia & Darren's Paso Doble

Average chart[edit]

Rank by
Couple Total Number of
1 1 Alesha & Matthew 584 16 36.5
2 6 Kelly & Brendan 231 7 33.0
3 2 Matt & Flavia 526 16 32.9
3 3 Gethin & Camilla 428 13 32.9
5 9 Penny & Ian 150 5 30.0
5 11 Gabby & James 90 3 30.0
7 4 Letitia & Darren 324 11 29.5
8 7 John & Nicole 190 7 27.1
9 10 Dominic & Lilia 101 4 25.3
10 13 Stephanie & Vincent 24 1 24.0
10 5 Kenny & Ola 216 9 24.0
12 12 Willie & Erin 47 2 23.5
13 8 Kate & Anton 115 6 19.2
14 14 Brian & Karen 18 1 18.0