Parishes of Saint Kitts and Nevis

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The Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis is divided into 14 parishes. Nine parishes are located on the island of Saint Kitts and five on Nevis. The parishes are drawn like pie-slices from the ridgeline of the central mountains of both islands.


  1. Christ Church Nichola Town (Saint Kitts)
  2. Saint Anne Sandy Point (Saint Kitts)
  3. Saint George Basseterre (Saint Kitts)
  4. Saint George Gingerland (Nevis)
  5. Saint James Windward (Nevis)
  6. Saint John Capesterre (Saint Kitts)
  7. Saint John Figtree (Nevis)
  8. Saint Mary Cayon (Saint Kitts)
  9. Saint Paul Capisterre (Saint Kitts)
  10. Saint Paul Charlestown (Nevis)
  11. Saint Peter Basseterre (Saint Kitts)
  12. Saint Thomas Lowland (Nevis)
  13. Saint Thomas Middle Island (Saint Kitts)
  14. Trinity Palmetto Point (Saint Kitts)

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