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Launched January 2004
Network TV9
Slogan For A Better Society (మెరుగైన సమాజం కొసం)
Country India
Language Telugu
Headquarters Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Sister channel(s) TV9 Kannada, TV9 Gujarat, News9, TV1, TV9 Maharashtra

TV9 (Telugu: టీవీ9) is a Telugu news channel started in January 2004 by a team of journalists led by Ravi Prakash and Deepak Naga Sai. It gained instant popularity among the masses with the punchline "మెరుగైన సమాజం కొసం" (For a Better Society).


Mr. Chintalapati Srini Raju was the founder Chairman of ABSL and TV9. Following success in Andhra Pradesh, TV9 expanded its network with news channels in Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali and Gujarati languages. These channels are broadcast by Associated Broadcasting Company Private Limited of Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

Social responsibility[edit]

TV9 has been famous for organising various programs both on the screen and in the society directly for enhancing the public life standards. This includes a helping hand for flood victims in Andhra Pradesh, a run to eradicate flourosis problem in Nalgonda district, and operating children with heart diseases.[1] To bring environmental awareness among public, TV9 management installed a huge eco-friendly clay Ganesha idol at Hyderabad.[2]


Initially it became famous for broadcasting soft porn, mms clips and other adult related videos for increase in TRP ratings.But when in February 2011, TV9 Telugu conducted what was described as a "sting operation" on the "gay culture" in the Hyderabad city. The gay community, which described the programme as discriminatory and presenting an unduly negative impression, later carried out protests outside both the Mumbai and Hyderabad offices of TV9.[3]

Harish Iyer, a Mumbai-based gay activist said "What was the sting operation for since it is absolutely legal for two consenting adults to have sex in their private space according to section 377 amendment. They had not got consent from the people whose pictures were broadcast on the channel, which is the basic ethic of journalism."[4]

Gay rights activist Aditya Bandopadhyay accused the producers, in an open letter to the channel, of "hunting down" gay people for the amusement of viewers. Bandopadhyay states that it was a "clear case of entrapment". In his letter, he asks for a public apology and warns that legal action may be an option.[5]

Also in 2011, film maker Ram Gopal Varma sent complaints to TV9 regarding a telecast of what he described as a "defamatory" show about him. In a statement, Varma said:

With regard to an extremely derogatory programme done by TV9 on me titled "Ram Dhamaal Varma" where they have attributed many false quotes to me, of which one example is "prekshakulu verri vedhavalu", I am hereby informing that I am initiating criminal action against TV9 for defamation with a criminal intent.[6][7][8]

In June 2014 Tv9 along with ABN were banned in Telangana State for insulting the MLA's (members of legislative assembly) and promoting anti-Telangana news


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