University of South Asia, Lahore

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University of South Asia
USA logo Lhr.png
Established 1988
Type Private
Chairman Mahmood Sadiq
Location Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Campus Tufail Road,Raiwind Road & Burki Road

University of South Asia with a welcoming campus environment has competent faculty and dedicated management eager to convert your learning experience into a rewarding activity.

“Work Smart and Reach High” is that fundamental on which University of South Asia was established in 1988 as a Computer Training Institution with the name of National College of Computer Sciences (NCCS). More than 100,000 students underwent rigorous training programs in the contemporary field of Computer Sciences that has already become an integral part of our lives and is destined to become the most significant in the days to come.

University of South Asia was granted a degree awarding status in 2003 and was upgraded to the rank of an “Autonomous Chartered University” in 2005. Since its inception, USA has expanded to include Management Sciences, Accounting, Commerce, Engineering, Pharmacy, Fashion, Law, Architecture, Teaching, Social Sciences, Media Studies, and Computer Sciences to the list of its disciplines.

University of South Asia is a philosophy, a concept, and an ideology that revolves around the phenomenon of “Change for the Better.” USA believes that we should continuously upgrade ourselves to keep pace with the ever changing demands of human development. We believe that problems in the society must be identified; solutions planned and innovative programs introduced to implement the solutions without any lapse. It is our conviction that even the ongoing academic programs must be kept under microscopic analysis and the curriculum be made a living entity with a built in phenomena of improvement and perfection. Today, as the world is recovering from massive economic crises, the need to bring strategic modifications in the field of business studies has become a dire want of the time. We need to establish as to where we went wrong in fiscal planning, economic management and in our marketing behavior causing the meltdown that triggered the financial crisis in the recent past. Universities are obligated to accomplish surveys and come out with the root cause of disaster that erupt in different areas. The research thus carried out and its conclusions drawn are then incorporated to current and future predicaments. Population in Pakistan is exploding at an alarming rate of 2.9% annually, and natural resources are depleting. Not to mention the social and human tragedies that will be a direct result of these calamities, this will result in water & electricity crises, food shortages, and law & order deterioration. To visualize the magnitude of such problems and in order to conceive the fighting out strategy, various university departments need to float projects and let the scientists address such challenges.

USA is determined to bring advancement in each and every aspect of human learning. Exploring the unexplored and reaching out to the masses will make this globe a better place to live for our generations to come. University of South Asia comprises schools, colleges and institutes. They constitute a faculty within themselves and work in harmony with each other, while still retaining their individual identity.


The vision of USA is to prepare a generation of young engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs and professionals who can lead and direct Pakistan out of the current crises by focusing on international markets and opportunities.


The “Mission” of University of South Asia is to facilitate youth in developing their vision and thinking abilities; converting them from “Manpower to Mind Power.” At USA, we want to keep producing professionals: Doctors, Engineers, Architects, Town Planners, Fashion Designers, Media Personnel, Educationists, Computer Scientists, Business Executives, Pharmacists, Lawyers, Health Scientists; who are capable of leading their specific areas of specialization, becoming instrumental in the growth, development and prosperity of the World.


  • Faculty of Media Studies
  • Faculty of Business Management
  • Faculty of Architecture & Design
  • Faculty of Engineering and Technology
  • Faculty of Computer Sciences
  • Faculty of Arts and Architecture
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Faculty of Legal Studies
  • Faculty of Pharmacy

Accreditations and Memberships[edit]


The Pakistan Engineering Council is a statutory legal body, constituted under the PEC Act 1976.6 The council shall as its mission set and maintain realistic and internationally relevant standards of professional competence and ethics for engineers, and licence engineers, and engineering institutions to competently and professionally promote and uphold the standards.


Pharmacy Council of Pakistan is a professional body responsible for the registration of pharmacists and promotion of pharmacy education in the country. Their mandate is to protect, promote and maintain the health, safety and wellbeing of patients and the public who use pharmaceutical services in Pakistan.


The Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners Ordinance 1983 has been promulgated with a view to give recognition and protection to the profession of architecture and town planning in Pakistan. A professional body encompasses profession, promotion of education, reviewing and advising the Government in the matter of architecture and town planning education, etc.


Pakistan Bar Council is the highest elected and Regulatory body of lawyers in Pakistan established under an Act of the Parliament namely "THE LEGAL PRACTITIONERS & BAR COUNCILS ACT, 1973. The Attorney-General for Pakistan is its ex-officio Chairman. The main functions of the Bar Council are to admit persons, fulfilling the requirements of law, as Advocates entitled to practice before the Supreme Court of Pakistan and to maintain Roll of such Advocates and to remove advocates from the said Roll. It also enjoys powers to entertain and determine cases of professional and other misconduct against Advocates of the Supreme Court and to award punishment in such cases.


  • University of Huddersfield

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