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A werevamp (also called a werepyre) is a fictional creature that is featured in different media appearances.


The werevamp is considered to be part-vampire and part-werewolf.[1]

In various fictions[edit]

Werevamps have no real existence, but are often the subject of games and fictitious stories:

  • In the Underworld franchise, there are two types of these hybrids. The Lycan-vampire hybrid has a Lycan-dominant side resembles a Lycan in appearance. The vampire-Lycan hybrid started out as vampires who have bat-like appearances with bat-like ears flattened into its head, a bat-like nose, and retractable wings with talons on them.
  • The werevamps in their werepyre alias appear in AdventureQuest and AdventureQuest Worlds. The werepyres are the result of a human that has been bitten by a werewolf and a vampire.
  • In the Axe Cop comics, Axe Cop dresses up as a Wolvye (which is a werewolf mixed with a vampire) for Halloween. In the TV series, Axe Cop dresses as a Wolvye in "28 Days Before".


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