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1985 in sports describes the year's events in world sport.

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Alpine skiing[edit]

American football[edit]

Artistic gymnastics[edit]

Association football[edit]

  • NASL announces suspension of operations and hopes to return in 1986. It never did.
  • England - FA CupManchester United won 1-0 (aet) over Everton. Kevin Moran of MU receives first-ever red card in an FA Cup final.
  • Everton are crowned English champions for the eighth time, setting a then record points total for a 42 game programme under three points for a win.

Australian rules football[edit]




Canadian football[edit]


  • Kim Hughes leads a "rebel" team of players on tour of South Africa, banned from official cricket since 1970 because of apartheid


'In 1983 India won the world cup

Dogsled racing[edit]

Field hockey[edit]

  • Men's Champions Trophy held in Perth, Western Australia won by Australia

Figure skating[edit]

Gaelic Athletic Association[edit]


Men's professional

Men's amateur

Women's professional

Harness racing[edit]

Horse racing[edit]


Flat races

Ice hockey[edit]

Motor racing[edit]

Rugby league[edit]

Rugby union[edit]



  • First Pan Pacific Championships held in Tokyo (August 15 – August 18)
  • July 21 – Switzerland's Dano Halsall swims a world record in the 50m freestyle (long course) at a swimming meet in Bellinzona, shaving off 0.02 of the previous record (22.54) set by USA's Robin Leamy four years ago: 22.52.
  • December 6 – USA's Tom Jager takes the world record from Dano Halsall (22.52) in the 50m freestyle (long course) at a swimming meet in Austin, Texas, clocking 22.40.



Water polo[edit]

Multi-sport events[edit]