1988 in the Irish Republican Army

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List of years in the Irish Republican Army


  • 6 March - Three unidentified IRA members, suspected of having a remote control explosive dentonator in their possession, are shot and killed by a team of British SAS agents in Gibraltar.
  • 16 March - During a funeral service for a recently killed IRA member, a member of the Protestant UDA tosses a bomb into the crowd of 5,000 in attendance killing three and wounding dozens more.
  • 19 March - After their vehicle is trapped by an angry crowd, two British army corporals are beaten to death by mourners at an IRA funeral.
  • 6 May - IRA volunteer Hugh Hehir was killed by the Garda Special Branch following a bank raid in County Clare.[1]
  • 15 June - Six off-duty British soldiers were killed by an IRA booby-trap bomb attached to their unmarked military van in Market Square, Lisburn. The bomb was made in such a way so as to ensure it exploded only upwards, causing maximum damage to the van, but avoiding spraying surrounding cars with shrapnel.[2][3]
  • 20 August - An unmarked bus transporting 36 soldiers of The Light Infantry from RAF Aldergrove to a military base near Omagh is bombed by members of the East Tyrone Brigade in the townland of Curr near Ballygawley, County Tyrone. Eight soldiers are killed and 28 wounded.[4]
  • 30 August - Three members of the Provisional IRA are killed in Northern Ireland after an ambush by SAS members near Drumnakilly, County Tyrone.

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