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1993 in sports describes the year's events in world sport.

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Alpine skiing[edit]

American football[edit]

Association football[edit]





Canadian football[edit]



Dogsled racing[edit]

Field hockey[edit]

  • Men's Champions Trophy: Australia

Figure skating[edit]

Gaelic Athletic Association[edit]


Men's professional

Men's amateur

Women's professional

Harness racing[edit]

Horse racing[edit]


Flat races

Ice hockey[edit]


The following is a list of major noteworthy kickboxing events during 1993 in chronological order.

Before 2000, K-1 was considered the only major kickboxing promotion in the world.

Date Event Location Attendance Notes
March 30 K-1 Sanctuary I Japan Tokyo, Japan 2,100 K-1's first event. At this time there were no unified rules in kickboxing; the rules used at this event would go on to be universally recognised.
April 30 K-1 Grand Prix '93 Japan Tokyo, Japan 12,000 First ever K-1 World Grand Prix, a sixteen-man tournament featuring kickboxers of different nationalities and styles (such as full contact, muay Thai and karate).
June 25 K-1 Sanctuary III Japan Osaka, Japan 6,000
September 4 K-1 Illusion Japan Tokyo, Japan 13,500 First K-1 event to feature a women's fight.
October 2, 3 K-1 Illusion 1993 Karate World Cup Japan Osaka, Japan Featured a sixteen-man Kyokushin rules tournament held over two days.
November 15 K-1 Andy's Glove Japan Osaka, Japan 2,100
December 29 K-2 Grand Prix '93 Japan Tokyo, Japan 11,000 Featured an eight-man light heavyweight (76–79 kg/167-174 lbs) tournament.


Mixed martial arts[edit]

The following is a list of major noteworthy MMA events during 1993 in chronological order.

Before 1997, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was considered the only major MMA organization in the world and featured much fewer rules then are used in modern MMA.

Date Event Alternate Name/s Location Attendance PPV Buyrate Notes
November 12 The Ultimate Fighting Championship UFC 1: The Beginning United States Denver, Colorado, United States 2,800 86,000 UFC's first event. This event was advertised to have "no rules" when in fact there were three main rules. This included, no biting, no eye-gouging, and no small joint manipulation. Fights could only end by knockout or submission.



Rugby league[edit]

Rugby union[edit]







  • Men's World League: Brazil
  • Women's World Grand Prix: Cuba
  • Women's European Championship: Russia

Water polo[edit]

  • Men's World Cup: Italy
  • Men's European Championship: Italy
  • Women's European Championship: Netherlands

Multi-sport events[edit]