2005 World Championships in Athletics – Men's 1500 metres

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2005 World Championships
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The men's 1500 metres at the 2005 World Championships in Athletics was held on August 6, 8 and 10 at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium.

With the retirement of defending champion, reigning Olympic Champion and World record holder Hicham El Guerrouj and Olympic silver medalist Bernard Lagat involved in citizenship issues as he moved to the United States, the role of favorite opened up to another Moroccan, Rashid Ramzi who had transplanted his citizenship to Bahrain while continuing to train in Morocco. Returning silver medalist Mehdi Baala didn't make it out of the semi-final round.

The race was led from the start, as it had been two years earlier, by Reyes Estévez who was known as a kicker, leading the field though a casual 60+ second first lap. Alan Webb marked Estévez, nervously trying to figure out a way to take the kick out of the faster runners. Rams added to his tension by coasting up to Webb's shoulder as the second lap began with the rest of the field bunching up behind. Just after the end of the second lap, Webb took off sprinting, timed in 12.3 between 800 and 900 meters. He opened up a four mere lead but Alex Kipchirchir and Ramzi followed by the rest of the field were in hot pursuit. Webb was unable to maintain his breakaway. In the penultimate turn he was passed by Ramzi who did have a breakaway, chased most closely by returning bronze medalist Ivan Heshko. Down the final backstretch Kipchirchir went by on the outside and Olympic bronze medalist Rui Silva squeezed by on the inside, Webb was cooked. From 9th place, deep in the field, Adil Kaouch began a final sprint, passing three as the slowing Webb was an obstacle. Continuing through the final turn, Kaouch passed everybody except Ramzi. Down the final stretch Ramzi's lead looked like it might not be enough but Ramzi was able to hold on for the win. Following Kaouch, Silva was also sprinting, after passing Heshko the medalists were decided. As Kaouch's gaining diminished he continued at his same pace, but Silva finished with an all out rush to the line missing the silver medal by a mere .02 of a second.

Lagat would return to competition to beat Ramzi to silver in 2007. But Ramzi took the Olympic gold medal in 2008. That gold was short lived as Ramzi was disqualified for having CERA in his system. While Ramzi's World Championship medals have not been disqualified, the Olympic disqualification puts a taint on Ramzi's accomplishments.


Gold Bahrain Rashid Ramzi
Bahrain (BHR)
Silver Morocco Adil Kaouch
Morocco (MAR)
Bronze Portugal Rui Silva
Portugal (POR)


All times shown are in seconds.

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August 6, 2005

Heat 1[edit]

  1. France Mehdi Baala 3:36.56 Q
  2. Algeria Tarek Boukensa 3:36.70 Q
  3. Kenya Alex Kipchirchir 3:36.74 Q
  4. Canada Kevin Sullivan 3:36.80 Q
  5. United Kingdom Michael East 3:36.84 Q
  6. United States Alan Webb 3:36.84 q
  7. Morocco Yassine Bensghir 3:37.11 q
  8. Spain Juan Carlos Higuero 3:37.40 q
  9. Belgium Joeri Jansen 3:39.43 q
  10. New Zealand Adrian Blincoe 3:39.54 q
  11. Finland Jonas Hamm 3:43.20
  12. Djibouti Ahmed Mohamed Abdillahi 3:50.92 (PB)
  13. Japan Fumikazu Kobayashi 3:51.76

Heat 2[edit]

  1. Spain Arturo Casado 3:41.64 Q
  2. Morocco Adil Kaouch 3:41.75 Q (SB)
  3. United States Christopher Lukezic 3:41.80 Q
  4. Portugal Rui Silva 3:41.83 Q
  5. Qatar Daham Najim Bashir 3:41.88 Q
  6. Kenya Daniel Kipchirchir Komen 3:41.91
  7. France Mounir Yemmouni 3:42.39
  8. Algeria Antar Zerguelaine 3:43.02
  9. Bahrain Belal Mansoor Ali 3:43.15
  10. Brazil Hudson de Souza 3:43.18
  11. United Kingdom Nick McCormick 3:44.40
  12. Ethiopia Mulugeta Wendimu 3:44.42

Heat 3[edit]

  1. Bahrain Rashid Ramzi 3:38.32 Q
  2. Ukraine Ivan Heshko 3:39.84 Q
  3. New Zealand Nicholas Willis 3:39.89 Q
  4. Spain Reyes Estévez 3:39.93 Q
  5. Ethiopia Markos Geneti 3:39.94 Q
  6. Morocco Youssef Baba 3:39.96 q
  7. United States Rob Myers 3:40.16 q
  8. Canada Nathan Brannen 3:40.69 q
  9. South Africa Johan Cronje 3:41.43 q
  10. Kenya Augustine Kiprono Choge 3:41.70
  11. Republic of Ireland James Nolan 3:42.53
  12. Armenia Armen Asyran 4:03.21


August 8, 2005

Heat 1[edit]

  1. Morocco Adil Kaouch 3:40.51 Q (SB)
  2. Spain Arturo Casado 3:40.61 Q
  3. Kenya Alex Kipchirchir 3:40.68 Q
  4. Portugal Rui Silva 3:40.72 Q
  5. Spain Reyes Estévez 3:40.73 Q
  6. New Zealand Nicholas Willis 3:40.87
  7. Canada Kevin Sullivan 3:41.00
  8. France Mehdi Baala 3:41.34
  9. Morocco Youssef Baba 3:42.12
  10. United States Rob Myers 3:42.38
  11. South Africa Johan Cronje 3:42.77
  12. Ethiopia Markos Geneti 3:42.80

Heat 2[edit]

  1. Bahrain Rashid Ramzi 3:34.69 Q
  2. United States Alan Webb 3:36.07 Q
  3. Algeria Tarek Boukensa 3:36.14 Q
  4. Qatar Daham Najim Bashir 3:36.38 Q
  5. Ukraine Ivan Heshko 3:36.60 Q
  6. Spain Juan Carlos Higuero 3:36.65 q
  7. Morocco Yassine Bensghir 3:36.76 q
  8. United States Christopher Lukezic 3:37.20
  9. New Zealand Adrian Blincoe 3:38.20
  10. Canada Nathan Brannen 3:39.37
  11. United Kingdom Michael East 3:40.27
  12. Belgium Joeri Jansen 3:44.88


August 10, 2005

  1. Bahrain Rashid Ramzi 3:37.88
  2. Morocco Adil Kaouch 3:38.00 (SB)
  3. Portugal Rui Silva 3:38.02
  4. Ukraine Ivan Heshko 3:38.71
  5. Spain Arturo Casado 3:39.45
  6. Spain Juan Carlos Higuero 3:40.34
  7. Kenya Alex Kipchirchir 3:40.43
  8. Algeria Tarek Boukensa 3:41.01
  9. United States Alan Webb 3:41.04
  10. Qatar Daham Najim Bashir 3:43.48
  11. Spain Reyes Estévez 3:46.65
  12. Morocco Yassine Bensghir 3:50.19

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