2011 Davis Cup Europe/Africa Zone

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There are four groups in the Europe/Africa Zone of the Davis Cup. The four winners of Group I advance to the World Group play-offs while the last placed teams will be relegated to Group II the following year. The winners of Group II gets promoted to Group I next year, the four last placed teams get relegated to Group III. The top two teams of the Europe Group III gets promoted to Group II. The top two teams of the Africa Group III gets promoted to Group II.

Group I[edit]


  2nd round play-offs
16–18 September
1st round play-offs
1st round
4–6 March
2nd round
8–10 July
    1   Israel  
     bye     4–6 March
Ramat HaSharon, Israel (hard)
   bye       1   Israel 3
    Poland       Poland 2
  Espoo, Finland (indoor hard)      bye  
    Poland 2  
    Finland 3    
    3   Italy  
     bye     Arzachena, Italy (clay)
 bye       3   Italy 5
    Finland   Ljubljana, Slovenia (indoor clay)     Slovenia 0
    Finland 2
      Slovenia 3  
  Kharkiv, Ukraine (indoor hard)
      Ukraine 2  
      Netherlands 3     Potchefstroom, South Africa (hard)
    Ukraine         Netherlands 1
   bye     4   South Africa 3
      4   South Africa  
    Ukraine 1  
    Slovakia 4     Cruz Quebrada, Portugal (clay)
      Portugal 4  
      Slovakia 1     Bern, Switzerland (indoor hard)
  Slovakia         Portugal 0
   bye     2    Switzerland 5
    2    Switzerland  
 Poland and
relegated to Group II in 2012.
 Israel,  Italy,  South Africa, and   Switzerland
advance to World Group Play-off.

Group II[edit]


8–10 July
1st round
4–6 March
2nd round
8–10 July
3rd round
16–18 September
  Bolton, Great Britain (indoor hard)
    1   Great Britain 4  
  Dublin, Ireland (indoor hard)       Tunisia 1     Glasgow, Great Britain (indoor hard)
  Tunisia 2       1   Great Britain 4  
  Ireland 3   Dublin, Ireland (indoor hard)     Luxembourg 1  
  8   Ireland 2
        Luxembourg 3     Glasgow, Great Britain (indoor hard)
    1   Great Britain 5
  Minsk, Belarus (indoor hard)       Hungary 0
    3   Belarus 4  
  Sofia, Bulgaria (indoor hard)       Bulgaria 1     Gödöllő, Hungary (clay)
  Bulgaria 2         Belarus 2
5   Cyprus 3   Nicosia, Cyprus (hard)     Hungary 3  
  5   Cyprus 0
        Hungary 5  
  Marrakech, Morocco (clay)
        Morocco 2  
  Vilnius, Lithuania (clay)   6   Bosnia and Herzegovina 3     Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina (indoor hard)
  Morocco 5       6   Bosnia and Herzegovina 3  
  Lithuania 0   Tallinn, Estonia (indoor hard)     Estonia 2  
      Estonia 3
    4   Lithuania 2     Hillerød, Denmark (indoor hard)
    6   Bosnia and Herzegovina 2
  Kolding, Denmark (indoor carpet)       Denmark 3
        Denmark 3  
  Thessaloniki, Greece (clay)   7   Monaco 2     Frederiksberg, Denmark (clay)
  Monaco 3         Denmark 3
  Greece 2   Thessaloniki, Greece (clay)   2   Latvia 2  
      Greece 1
    2   Latvia 4  
 Tunisia,  Bulgaria,  Lithuania, and  Greece
relegated to Group III in 2012.
 Great Britain and  Denmark
promoted to Group I in 2012.

Group III Europe[edit]

Group III Africa[edit]

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