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Events from the year 2019 in Austria.



  • 1 January - Same-sex marriage becomes legal in Austria.[1]
  • 18 May – Vice chancellor and FPÖ leader Heinz-Christian Strache announces his resignation following the Ibiza affair, he and all of the other FPÖ cabinet members left the government 4 days later.[2] This left Kurz government as a VPÖ minority government.
  • 28 May - Kurz government was dismissed after a motion of no confidence being passed.
  • 3 June - President Van der Bellen appointed former president of Constitutional Court Brigitte Bierlein as the first independent chancellor after WWII, as well as the first female to hold the office. She and her technocratic cabinet are expected to leave their positions when a new government is formed after the legislative election to be held in late September.




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