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Route information
Length: 15 mi (24 km)
History: Completed in 1989
Major junctions
North east end: Kegworth
52°49′25″N 1°18′17″W / 52.8235°N 1.3047°W / 52.8235; -1.3047 (A42 road (northeastern end))
  [ M 1  ] M1 motorway
[ M 42  ] M42 motorway
A444 A444 road
A453 A453 road
A511 A511 road
A512 A512 road
South west end: Appleby Magna
52°41′07″N 1°33′00″W / 52.6854°N 1.5499°W / 52.6854; -1.5499 (A42 road (southwestern end))
Castle Donington
Donington Park
East Midlands Airport
Road network
Looking north bound towards restricted junction 14.

The A42 is a major trunk road in the East Midlands region of the United Kingdom. It links junction 23A of the M1 motorway to junction 11 of the M42 motorway. The A42 is in effect a continuation of the M42, and its junctions are numbered accordingly.

It is built to a similar standard to the M42, being a grade separated dual carriageway. The 6-mile (9.7 km) Measham and Ashby-de-la-Zouch bypass section was opened in August 1989 at a cost of £33m.


A42 Road
Northbound exits Junction Southbound exits
Nottingham A453 (North)
East Midlands Airport, Diseworth A453 (West)
Donington Park services (only)
Terminus Roundabout
M1 J23A
Leicester M1
Start of road
Nottingham, Sheffield M1
East Midlands Airport
No exit
Tonge, Castle Donington A453 J14 No exit
Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Coalville A511
Shepshed, Loughborough A512
J13 Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Coalville A511
Shepshed, Loughborough A512
Measham, Snarestone B4116
Ashby-de-la-Zouch B5006
J12 Measham, Snarestone B4116
Ashby-de-la-Zouch B5006
Start of road J11 Twycross, Swadlincote, Burton upon Trent A444
Non motorway traffic
Twycross, Swadlincote, Burton upon Trent A444 Road continues as M42 to Birmingham

Bridging link[edit]

The A42 was built by the UK Government in 1989 to link the northern section of the M42 to the M1. Although it is not designated as motorway, and has no hard shoulder, the road is fully grade separated and runs with two lanes each way, the same as the M42 to the south.

The original planned line of the M42 saw it joining the M1 further to the north, crossing what is now the A50 Derby Southern Bypass and meeting the M1 north of Bardills Island (A52/M1 interchange).[1]

Service stations[edit]

History of the road number[edit]

The current road is the second incarnation of the A42. The original (1923) route was Reading to Birmingham via Oxford. The whole road disappeared in 1935 - the section from Reading to Shillingford became part of the A329, Shillingford to Oxford became part of the A423 and Oxford to Birmingham became part of the A34. In 1993 the A423 was itself renumbered, with the section formerly the A42 becoming part of the A4074 from Reading to Oxford. The modern M42 does interchange with the former A42 at junction 4 near Solihull: Stratford Road now being numbered A34 to the north of the junction and A3400 to the south.

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Coordinates: 52°45′17″N 1°26′27″W / 52.7548°N 1.4408°W / 52.7548; -1.4408 (A42 road)