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A4160 shield

Penarth Road looking towards Cardiff city centre
Major junctions
East end: Cardiff
  A4161 A4161 road
A4234 A4234 road
A470 A470 road
A4119 A4119 road
A4055 A4055 road
West end: Penarth
Road network

The A4160 is the old road connecting central Penarth with Cardiff in Wales, although now the A4055 and A4232 has subsequently become the main route from Penarth to central Cardiff and Cardiff Bay

Fitzalan Place
Callaghan Square

The route begins at Fitzalan Place on the junction at Newport Road (A4161) and West Grove. It heads south along Fitzalan Place and then westerly along Adam Street and Bute Terrace and for a short stretch south along Bute Street before entering Callaghan Square and joining Penarth Road, continuing in a southwesterly direction. It crosses through the Penarth Road commercial district then crosses the River Ely and passes under the A4232 road, after which it turns to a south easterly direction. It ends in the town centre of Penarth.

Current route of the A4160[edit]

From east to west it runs through the following roads in Cardiff and Penarth:

  • Fitzalan Place
  • Adam Street
  • Bute Terrace
  • Bute Street
  • Callaghan Square
  • Penarth Road
  • Cogan Hill
  • Windsor Road


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Coordinates: 51°27′36″N 3°11′48″W / 51.4600°N 3.1967°W / 51.4600; -3.1967