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A477 shield

The A477 near Kilgetty
Route information
Length: 27.8 mi[1] (44.7 km)
Major junctions
East end: St Clears
51°48′59″N 4°30′18″W / 51.8163°N 4.5049°W / 51.8163; -4.5049 (A477 road (eastern end))
  A40 A40 road
A478 A478 road
A4075 A4075 road
A4076 A4076 road
West end: Johnston
51°45′03″N 5°00′06″W / 51.7508°N 5.0016°W / 51.7508; -5.0016 (A477 road (western end))

St Clears
Pembroke Dock
Road network

The A477 is a major road in South Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire connecting St Clears and Johnston. Its route includes the Cleddau Bridge, a toll bridge linking Pembroke Dock and Neyland.

From the A40 in St Clears, the A477 is a trunk road with primary status as far as the Waterloo roundabout in Nash, Pembroke Dock, on the south-east side of the Milford Haven Waterway. Responsibility for the management and maintenance of this section lies with the South Wales Trunk Road Agency, on behalf of the Welsh Assembly Government. From there the responsibility for maintaining the A477 is held by Pembrokeshire County Council.


Red Roses bypass - looking west

A route from St Clears to Pembroke Dock was first surveyed by Thomas Telford in 1826, as part of a review of the route of the mail service from London to Ireland that at the time went via. the docks at Milford Haven. A decision was taken in 1827 to move the mail port from Milford Haven to Hobbs Point in Pembroke Dock, and to pursue the access route from St Clears to Pembroke Dock. By 1830, a section of the road between the villages of Llanddowror and Red Roses had been completed.[2] A levy on mail passing through Milford was introduced by the Postage Act 1836, to be used to fund the new route.[3] The full route was completed in 1839, running from St Clears via. Llanddowror, Red Roses, Llanteg, Begelly and Carew to Pembroke Dock[2]

Original route of the A477 road in 1923 between Pembroke Dock and Red Roses

Road designations were first allocated by the Ministry of Transport in 1922, with the road between Red Roses and Pembroke Dock being designated the A477. The road east from Red Roses to St Clears was originally part of the A40, but had been renumbered to become part of the A477 by the early 1930s.

The 22-mile section of the road from its start at St Clears as far as Nash—which is a convenient distribution point for places on the south side of Milford Haven—was promoted to a trunk road following an announcement by the (then) Secretary of State for Wales, Cledwyn Hughes, on 14 November 1966.[4]

The Kilgetty-Begelly bypass was completed in 1984 at a cost of £14.2 million.[5] The Sageston-Redberth bypass was completed in 2002 at a cost of £6.4 million.[6] A new bypass improvement scheme for the section of the A477 between St Clears and Red Roses was approved by the Welsh Government on 27 January 2012. Construction work on the new bypass began in mid 2012.[7] Constructed with a straighter alignment and bypassing the villages of Red Roses and Llanddowror, the new section was scheduled to open during May 2014[8] but opened to general traffic at around 12:25 pm on 16 April 2014 having previously been declared open earlier in the day by Edwina Hart, Welsh Assembly Member for Transport.[9][10]


From east to west, it runs either through, near or over:

The A477 is 27.8 miles (44.7 km) in length.

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Coordinates: 51°43′17″N 4°44′59″W / 51.7214°N 4.7496°W / 51.7214; -4.7496 (A477 road)