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A403 road shield

A403 road
Major junctions
South end: Avonmouth[1]
  A4 A4 road
Junction 18.svg [ M 5  ] M5 motorway
Junction 18a.svg [ M 49  ] M49 motorway
Junction 1.svg [ M 48  ] M48 motorway
Severn Beach
Road network
The A403 at Avonmouth

The A403 is a road in the United Kingdom that starts at junction 1 of the M48 at Aust and leads to Avonmouth in Bristol. It is important as a major route for the industries there, allowing easy travel access to Wales and South and East England.

The A403 was opened in about 1970[2] after the Severn Bridge was opened in 1966, to provide a direct route between the then M4 motorway and Avonmouth. It was initially known as the Avonmouth Aust Coast Road. Between the M4 at Aust and Pilning it replaced the B4055 on a realigned route. Between Pilning and Chittening it followed a new route beside the ICI Severnside plant, and from Chittening to Avonmouth it followed the route of an existing unclassified road, St Andrews Road. At Avonmouth it connects with the A4.

Around 8000 vehicles a day use this road, which recently underwent speed restrictions, between Bristol and Severn Beach, to 50 mph.


Coordinates: 51°33′09″N 2°39′56″W / 51.55237°N 2.66547°W / 51.55237; -2.66547