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A489 shield

Route information
Maintained by North & Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency
Major junctions
East end Craven Arms
  A49 A49 road
A488 A488 road
A490 A490 road
A483 A483 road
A470 A470 road
A487 A487 road
West end Machynlleth
Road network

The A489, officially known as the Newtown to Machynlleth Trunk Road in Wales, is a trunk road in the United Kingdom running from Craven Arms, Shropshire to Machynlleth, Powys and crossing the Wales-England border.

The road starts about one mile north of Craven Arms. From here it travels through Lydham, Churchstoke, Newtown, Caersws, Cemmaes Road and Machynlleth.

Between Caersws and Cemmaes Road, the road appears to 'disappear', where it is travelling with the A470, which takes priority. The same happens in Lydham, albeit for a much shorter distance, where the A488 takes priority.

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Coordinates: 52°30′28″N 3°16′30″W / 52.50776°N 3.27513°W / 52.50776; -3.27513