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ABC News and Current Affairs is the name of the division of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) that controls content classified as news, public affairs and business and finance.

However, the other divisions of the ABC also produce a range of programming within these genres. All such content is covered here.

ABC Television and ABC Online VOD[edit]


News Online[edit]

  • ABC News in 90 Seconds [1]
  • ABC World in 90 Seconds [2]
  • ABC News Business [3]
  • ABC News Sport [4]
  • ABC News Entertainment [5]
  • ABC News Weather [6]

Current affairs[edit]


Business and finance[edit]


Asia Pacific[edit]

  • Asia Pacific Focus (aka "Focus") [7]
  • ABC News for Australia Network (aka "Australia Network News" / "ABC Asia Pacific News")
  • Newsline [8]


ABC Radio programs[edit]

Current affairs[edit]

ABC Radio National[edit]

ABC Newsradio[edit]

Radio Australia[edit]

triple j[edit]

ABC Rural[edit]

ABC Local Radio[edit]

ABC Current Affairs[edit]

The ABC produces many current affairs programmes, including 7.30 and Lateline. These programmes often use resources or reports from one another. For instance, an Asia-Pacific-based report from the week's Foreign Correspondent will be edited for use during that same week's Asia-Pacific Focus programme.

News reports from ABC News are also edited, often with new material added on, for use on that night's Lateline.

The ABC's Current Affairs department has won a number of awards over the years.

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