Abell 262

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Abell 262
The Fath - NGC 708 et al.jpg
Observation data (Epoch J2000)
Constellation(s)Between Andromeda and Triangulum
Right ascension 01h 52m 50.4s[1]
Declination+36° 08′ 46″[1]
Richness class0[2]
Bautz–Morgan classificationIII[2]
Redshift0.0163 (4 887 km/s)[1]
65.6 Mpc (214 Mly) h−1
ICM temperature2.08 keV[3]
X-ray flux(48.6 ± 9.9%)×1012 erg s−1 cm−2 (0.1–2.4 keV)[1]
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An image of Abell 262

Abell 262 is a galaxy cluster in the Abell catalogue. It is part of the Perseus-Pisces Supercluster, one of the largest known structures in the universe.[4] Although its central galaxy, NGC 708, is a giant cD galaxy, most of its bright galaxies are spirals, which is unusual for a galaxy cluster.[4] With approximately 200 members it is a comparatively small cluster.[5]

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Coordinates: Sky map 01h 52m 50.4s, +36° 08′ 46″