Afghan biscuit

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Afghan biscuit
Type Biscuit
Place of origin New Zealand
Main ingredients flour, butter, sugar, cornflakes, Cocoa powder, chocolate icing, walnut

An Afghan biscuit is a traditional New Zealand[1][2][3] biscuit made from flour, butter, cornflakes, sugar and cocoa powder, topped with chocolate icing and a half walnut. The recipe[4] has a high proportion of butter, and relatively low sugar, and no leavening (rising agent), giving it a soft, dense and rich texture, with crunchiness from the cornflakes, rather than from a high sugar content. The high butter content gives a soft melt-in-the-mouth texture, and the sweetness of the icing offsets the low sugar and the cocoa bitterness. The origin of the recipe and the derivation of the name are unknown, but the recipe has appeared in many editions of the influential New Zealand Edmonds Cookery Book.


Ingredients typically include flour, sugar, butter, cornflakes (or crushed weetbix, or large rolled oats etc.), cocoa powder and walnuts.

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