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This is a list of chocolate bar brands, in alphabetical order. A chocolate bar (British English) or candy bar (American English) is a confection in an oblong or rectangular form containing chocolate, which may also contain layerings or mixtures that include nuts, fruit, caramel, nougat, and wafers.

Chocolate bar brands[edit]

Name Image Distribution Manufacturer Description
100 Grand Bar Candy-100Grand-Broken.jpg United States Ferrara Caramel and crisped rice
3 Musketeers 3-Musketeers-Broken.jpg United States, Canada Mars Aerated chocolate-flavored nougat with milk chocolate coating; also available in mint and caramel
3 Musketeers Truffle Crisp 3-Musketeers-Truffle-Crisp-Bar.jpg United States Mars
5th Avenue 5th-avenue-broken.jpg United States Hershey Honeycombed crunchy peanut butter candy center in milk chocolate
5 Star India, Malaysia, Brazil and the Philippines Cadbury Caramel and nougat covered in milk chocolate
Aero Aero-Bar-Split.jpg United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland, Mainland Europe, South Africa, Argentina, Australia, Middle East, Canada Nestlé Frothy chocolate with "bubbles"
Aero Caramel Aero-Caramel-Split.jpg Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Japan Nestlé Chocolate "bubbles" with a caramel layer in milk chocolate
Aero Mint Aero-Mint-Bar-Split.jpg Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, United Kingdom, Australia Nestlé Chocolate "bubbles" with a mint layer in milk chocolate
Aero Orange Ireland, United Kingdom Nestlé Chocolate "bubbles" with an orange layer in milk chocolate
After Eight After Eight chocolate thin (adjusted).jpg Denmark, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Middle East, France, Netherlands, Romania, Finland, Turkey, Norway, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Sweden Nestlé Dark chocolate with mint cream filling
Air Delight United States Hershey Aerated milk chocolate
Albeni Turkey, Azerbaijan, Central Asia countries, Russia, Bulgaria, US Ulker Chocolate bar with caramel waffle
Albert's Ice Cubes United States and Germany Made by Nappo Moritz GimbH for R.I. Albert & Son, Inc Small chocolate bar with coconut oil flavoring
Almond Joy Almond-joy-broken.jpg United States, Canada Hershey Milk-chocolate covered coconut with whole almonds. Limited editions include chocolate (featuring chocolate-coconut filling) and piña colada (featuring pineapple-flavored coconut in chocolate)
Amul Chocolate India Anand Milk Union Limited, India Available in orange, milk and chocolate flavors
Baby Ruth Baby-Ruth-Split.jpg United States, Canada Ferrara Caramel and nougat center with peanuts in compound chocolate
Balisto Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany Masterfoods Muesli covered in chocolate
Bar None United States Hershey Cocoa wafer, chocolate filling, peanuts and a milk chocolate coating

Bar One

Bar One chocolate bar.jpg

India, South Africa Nestlé Malted nougat with a caramel topping and covered in milk chocolate
Big Turk Canada Nestlé Turkish delight covered with milk chocolate
Boost Boost halves.JPG United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa Cadbury Milk chocolate with a caramel and biscuit filling
Bounty Bounty-Split.jpg New Zealand, Russia, Romania, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Canada, Australia, South Africa, France, Morocco, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Pakistan, Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Hungary, Turkey, India, Sweden, Bulgaria Mars Coconut filling covered with milk or plain chocolate
Bournville Cadbury-Bournville.jpg United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Middle East, India Cadbury Dark chocolate
Breakaway United Kingdom Nestlé A rectangular digestive biscuit covered in milk chocolate
Bros Netherlands Nestlé Aerated milk chocolate
Bros puur Netherlands Nestlé Aerated dark chocolate
Bubu Lubu Mexico, United States Ricolino (Mexico) Strawberry gummy candy and marshmallow with chocolate-flavored coating
Bun Bun-Bar-Line-Split.jpg United States Pearson's Candy Company Caramel, maple or vanilla centers covered with unsalted peanuts and milk chocolate
Butterfinger Butterfinger-broken.JPG United States, Canada Ferrara Honeycombed crunchy peanut butter candy center in milk chocolate
Cadbury Dairy Milk Cadbury-Dairy-Milk-Caramel-Bar.jpg United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, the Philippines Cadbury Milk chocolate
Cadbury Darkmilk Australia, United Kingdom[1] Cadbury Milk chocolate with 40% cocoa solids
Cadbury Fruit & Nut United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, India Cadbury Milk chocolate with assorted fruits and nuts
Cadbury Tempo South Africa Cadbury Shortcake biscuit and caramel covered in Cadbury's dairy milk chocolate
Caramello New Zealand, Australia, United States Cadbury Segmented, break apart bar with caramel center, covered in milk chocolate
Caramello Koala Australia, South Africa Cadbury Koala shaped chocolate with caramel filling
Caramilk Canada, Europe, South Africa Cadbury Caramel-filled chocolate bar
Caravan Canada, United States Lowney's Chocolates Caramel-filled candy bar
Carlos V Mexico, Latin America Nestlé Milk chocolate
Catch bar Ireland Urney Chocolates Caramel crispies covered in milk chocolate
Charleston Chew Charleston-Chew-Split.jpg Canada, United States Tootsie Roll Industries Chocolate-, vanilla- and strawberry-flavored variants
Cherry Ripe Cherry-Ripe-Split.jpg New Zealand, Australia Cadbury Cherry and coconut bits in chocolate
Cherry Mash Cherry-Mash-Split.jpg United States Chase Candy Company Cherries, chocolate and peanuts
Chokito Chokito-Split.jpg New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Switzerland Nestlé Chocolate-covered caramel fudge with crisped rice
Chomp Chomp-Aust-Split.jpg United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, Zimbabwe, Ireland Cadbury Caramel and wafer in chocolate
Chunky Candy-Nestle-Chunky-Broken.jpg United States Ferrara Milk chocolate with peanuts and raisins
Clark Bar Candy-Clark-Bar-Broken.jpg United States Boyer Honeycombed peanut butter filling coated with chocolate
Coffee Crisp Coffee-Crisp-Split.jpg Canada Nestlé Milk chocolate with wafer crisps and coffee flavouring
Coffee Crisp Orange Canada, Europe Nestlé
Cow Chocolate Israel Strauss-Elite Milk chocolate, available not just in bars but also in other candy forms; called Cow Chocolate because of the cow on the packaging; called "Shokolad Parah" in Hebrew
Crachi Dominican Republic Cortes Made with locally produced chocolate from the Dominican Republic and crisped rice
Cri-Cri Venezuela Nestlé Milk chocolate with crisped rice
Crispy Crunch Canada Cadbury Peanut butter and toffee mixture coated in milk chocolate
Crunch Nestle-crunch-broken.jpg United States, Worldwide Ferrara, Nestlé Milk chocolate with crisped rice
Crunchie Cadbury-Crunchie-Split.jpg New Zealand, United Kingdom, India, Ireland, Canada, Australia, South Africa Cadbury Honeycomb (sponge) toffee covered with chocolate
Crunky South Korea, Japan Lotte Rice crisps covered with chocolate
Cup-o-Gold United States Adams and Brooks Chocolate cup with a marshmallow center with almonds and coconut
Curly Wurly Curly-Wurly-Split.jpg United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Netherlands Cadbury Chocolate-covered caramel braid
DAGOBA Chai chocolate United States Dagoba Chocolate Painted chocolate bar - chai tea spices in milk chocolate
Daim Daim-Bar-Split.jpg Sweden, Europe, Middle East Kraft Foods Chocolate over crisp almond toffee
Double Decker Cadbury-Double-Decker-Split.jpg United Kingdom, Ireland Cadbury Soft nougat top, with a crisped cereal base, covered in milk chocolate
Dove Bar United States, Australia, Netherlands Mars Creamy milk and dark chocolate, with added varieties such as fruit and nut; the Mars equivalent to Cadburys Dairy Milk; called Galaxy in the United Kingdom
Dream Australia, New Zealand Cadbury[2] White chocolate[2]
Drifter United Kingdom, Ireland Nestlé Wafers and caramel in milk chocolate
Duncan's United Kingdom, Ireland W & M Duncan and Company, best known as "Duncan's of Edinburgh" Milk chocolate bars with various ingredients: mint, toffee, ginger and hazelnut
Eat-more Canada Hershey Chewy dark toffee, peanuts and chocolate
Encore! United States, Israel Strauss-Elite Similar to Twix; a candy bar with a biscuit base, topped with caramel, smothered with milk chocolate
Excellence Switzerland, Canada Lindt & Sprüngli Rare ingredient chocolate bars - sea salt, roasted almonds and chilli dark chocolate
Five Star Caramel United States, India Lake Champlain Chocolates, Cadbury Caramel with almonds and dark chocolate in milk chocolate
Flake Cadbury-Flake-Split.jpg New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, South Africa Cadbury[3] Crumbly chocolate "flake"
Forever Yours United States Mars Vanilla nougat and caramel in dark chocolate
Freddo New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland Cadbury Milk chocolate in a frog shape
Fry's Chocolate Cream United Kingdom, Ireland Cadbury Fondant centre enrobed in plain chocolate. It is the world's oldest brand of chocolate bar.[4]
Fry's Turkish Delight Frys-Turkish-Delight-Split.jpg Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland Cadbury Rosewater jelly in milk chocolate
Fudge Cadbury-Fudge.jpg New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland Cadbury Fudge covered in milk chocolate
Galaxy United Kingdom, Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Middle East, Pakistan, India Mars Milk chocolate bar
Galaxy Caramel United Kingdom, Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Middle East, Pakistan, India Masterfoods Milk chocolate with a soft caramel filling
Galaxy Ripple United Kingdom, Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Middle East, Pakistan, India Masterfoods Folded and coated milk chocolate bar
Glosette Canada Hershey (originally Nabisco) Milk chocolate covered raisins; also in peanuts and almonds
Golden Rough Australia Nestlé Compounded chocolate round with coconut
Goobers United States Nestlé Milk-chocolate covered peanuts
GooGoo Cluster Goo-Goo-Cluster-Split.jpg United States Standard Candy Company Nashville TN chocolate, caramel, peanuts and marshmallow nougat cluster
Grand Slam United States Hershey Chocolate bar with a multi ingredient middle consisting of nuts, caramel and crisp wafer
Green and Blacks United Kingdom Kraft Foods A variety of organic, flavored, luxury chocolate bars: dark, milk, white, ginger, almond, cherry, spices and butterscotch
Hail United States Hollywood Candy Co. Hazelnuts and milk chocolate
Happy Hippo Kinder Happy Hippo.jpg Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Mainland Europe Ferrero SpA A hippo-shaped wafer with hazelnut, chocolate, and milk-caramel cream filling
Haviland Thin Mints United States Necco Peppermint cream filling in dark chocolate
Haviland Wintergreen Patty United States Necco Bright pink wintergreen-flavored cream filling in dark chocolate
Heath bar Heath-broken.JPG United States Hershey Crunchy English-style almond toffee with milk chocolate coating
Hershey bar Hershey-bar-open.JPG New Zealand, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, India Hershey Solid milk chocolate
Hershey bar with Almonds Canada, United States Hershey Solid milk chocolate with almonds
Hershey Almond Toffee Bar United States Hershey
Hershey's Creamy Caramel United States Hershey
Hershey's Kisses United States Hershey Kiss-shaped chocolate
Hershey's Special Dark United States, New Zealand Hershey Dark chocolate
Holly Bar Denmark Toms International Hazelnuts, nougat, and milk chocolate bar
Idaho Spud Idaho-Spud-Split.jpg United States Idaho Candy Company Chocolate marshmallow covered with chocolate and coconut
Intense Orange Switzerland Lindt & Sprüngli Dark chocolate with candied orange rind and almonds
Ivory Mountain United Kingdom Cadbury Chocolate with macadamia nuts
Jacek Poland, Europe Wawel
Jersey Milk Canada Neilson Creamy solid milk chocolate
Junior Caramels Canada Hershey Small caramel creams in dark chocolate, boxed
Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate Fazer Blue.jpg Finland Fazer Milk chocolate with various fillings
Kinder Bueno
Kinder-Bueno-Split.jpg Italy, Worldwide Ferrero SpA Kinder Bueno is a hazelnut cream filled wafer with a chocolate covering.
Kit Kat Kit-Kat-Split.jpg United Kingdom, Worldwide Nestlé, Hershey in US Wafers in chocolate (over 100 varieties worldwide, most from Japan)
Korkunov chocolate bars Russia A. Korkunov Milk and dark chocolate bars, plain, or with almonds or hazelnuts
Krackel United States, Canada Hershey[5] Milk chocolate with crisped rice
Krembanan Norway Nidar Chocolate, gel and banana cream
Kvikk Lunsj Norway, Sweden Freia A thickly coated, chocolate wafer, similar to Kit Kat in taste and design
La Fama United States Palmer Candy Co. Caramel covered with milk chocolate
Leah Bar United Kingdom Mars Chocolate with hazelnuts
Lindor Switzerland, Europe, United Kingdom, Australia, United States, Canada, Japan Lindt & Sprüngli Many varieties, typically featuring a hollow chocolate ball with a smooth chocolate filling
Lion Bar Lion-Bar-Split.jpg United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East, Poland Nestlé Wafers and crisped cereal with caramel in milk chocolate
Lion Peanut Lion-Bar-Peanut-Split.jpg United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East Nestlé Chocolate-covered nougat, crisps and peanuts
Lotte's Ghana South Korea, Japan Lotte Milk chocolate with extra cacao
Lunch Bar South Africa Cadbury's Milk chocolate with wafer biscuit, caramel, peanuts and crisped rice
M&S United Kingdom Marks & Spencer
M-Azing United States Mars Milk chocolate with mini M&M's
Macadamia Japan Meiji Macadamia nut coated with milk chocolate
Macadamia Nut Switzerland Lindt & Sprüngli Milk chocolate with caramelized macadamia nut pieces
Maestro Saudi Arabia Ülker Chocolate over peanut butter nougat

Malagos Chocolate white bg.jpg

Philippines Malagos Agri-Ventures Dark chocolate
Malted Milk Canada Neilson Milk chocolate, caramel, malted milk; lighter, fluffier and longer than Mars bars
Maracaibo 65 United States Sucré Chocolates Bittersweet chocolate from the rarest Venezuelan cocoa bean
Marathon United States Mars Twisted caramel in milk chocolate
Marble Chocolate Japan Meiji
Mars Bar US-Mars-Bar-Split.jpg United States Mars Vanilla nougat with almonds and milk chocolate
Mars Bar MBar 700.jpg United Kingdom, Outside United States Mars Nougat mousse topped with caramel and coated in chocolate
Mars Bar Lava Australia,New Zealand Mars Orange-flavored nougat center
Meiji Almond Japan Meiji Milk chocolate with almonds in the center
Mekupelet Israel Strauss-Elite Milk chocolate folded over, with thin layers of chocolate separated by air; similar to aerated chocolate but with folds instead of bubbles
Menthe United States Sulpice Chocolat Painted chocolate bar - mint essence and cocoa nibs in dark chocolate
Milk Shake United States Hollywood Candy Co. Chocolate nougat and caramel in milk chocolate
Milka Germany, Turkey, United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, Ukraine, Russia Kraft Foods Milk chocolate with hazelnut, peanut and almond pastes incorporated
Milky Bar Milkybar-Split.jpg New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, India, Ireland, Denmark Nestlé White chocolate bar
Milky Way Milky-Way-Bars-USUK-Split.jpg United States, Ireland, United Kingdom Mars Chocolate nougat with caramel in chocolate coating. Pictured are American and British Milky Way candy bars. There is no caramel in the British version.
Milky Way New Zealand, Europe, Australia Mars Whipped nougat in chocolate coating
Milky Way Midnight United Kingdom, Worldwide Mars Dark chocolate with a vanilla nougat caramel center
Milo Bar New Zealand, Australia, South Africa Nestlé
Mint krokant Sweden Marabou Mint almond toffee with milk chocolate coating
Mirage Canada Nestlé Bubbly milk chocolate
Moka United States Sulpice Chocolat Painted chocolate bar - coffee and cocoa nibs in milk chocolate
Moro Cadbury-Moro-Split.jpg New Zealand, Ireland, Australia Cadbury Nougat-like chocolate mousse and biscuit topped with caramel and coated in chocolate
Mounds Candy-Mounds-Broken.jpg United States Hershey Sweetened coconut enrobed in dark or milk chocolate; introduced in 1921
Mountain Bar United States Brown and Haley Vanilla, cherry, or peanut butter creme filling, covered in chocolate and peanuts, in the shape of Mount Rainier
Mousse Australia, South Africa Cadbury Milk chocolate with a rich soft chocolate filling
Mr. Big Canada, Worldwide Cadbury Crisped rice, peanuts, and a vanilla fudge center covered in Cadbury milk chocolate
Mr. Goodbar Candy-Hershey-MrGoodbar-Broken.jpg United States Hershey[5] Peanuts in granular milk chocolate
Munchies United Kingdom Nestlé Caramel covered crisp biscuit coated in chocolate
Neapolitan Coconut Slice United States Friesinger's Candies Tri-coloured coconut bar - strawberry/vanilla/chocolate
Nestlé Crunch Nestle-crunch-broken.jpg United States, India, United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, Turkey, Brazil Nestlé Chocolate bar with crisped rice
Nestlé Milk Chocolate United States, Turkey Nestlé Solid milk chocolate
Nestlé Triple Decker bar United States Nestlé Three-layer bar consisting of a bottom layer of milk chocolate, middle layer of white chocolate and top layer of dark chocolate; approx. 2.5" square
Nestlé White United States, Denmark Nestlé White chocolate
Nickel Lunch United States   Peanuts in milk chocolate
Noisette United States Sulpice Chocolat Painted chocolate bar - caramelised hazelnuts in milk chocolate
Nougatti Belgium, worldwide Côte d'Or Chewy and nutty nougat made with chopped hazelnuts covered in Côte d'Or milk chocolate
Nut Goodie Nut-Goodie-Bar.jpg United States Pearson's Candy Company Chocolate, peanuts and maple
Nut Lovers United States Hershey
NutRageous NutRageous-Split.jpg United States, United Kingdom, Ireland Hershey Peanut butter, caramel, and peanuts in milk chocolate
Nuts United Kingdom, Europe Nestlé Nougat and hazelnuts covered with chocolate
Oh Henry! Oh-Henry-Split.jpg United States, Canada Ferrara , Hershey in Canada Caramel fudge center with peanuts and milk chocolate coating
Old Faithful Peanut-Cluster-Split.jpg United States Idaho Candy Company Marshmallow center, covered with chocolate and whole peanuts
Pal-o-mine Canada Ganong Bros. Limited Soft fudge center with peanuts covered in dark chocolate
PB Max United States Mars Creamy peanut butter and oats on top of a square-shaped whole grain cookie, enrobed in milk chocolate
Peanut Slab New Zealand, Australia Whittaker's Peanut infused chocolate slab
Penguin United Kingdom, Ireland McVitie's Milk-chocolate covered biscuit filled with chocolate cream
Pep Canada Neilson Dark chocolate with peppermint cream filling
Peppermint Crisp Peppermint-Crisp-Split.jpg Australia, South Africa Nestlé Peppermint "cracknel" in milk chocolate
Perky Nana New Zealand Cadbury Banana flavored chew bar covered in chocolate
Pesek Zman Elite-Pesek-Zman-Split.jpg Israel Strauss-Elite chocolate coated hazelnut cream filled wafer
Picnic Cadbury-Picnic-Split.jpg New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Ukraine Cadbury Peanuts, caramel, wafers and crisped rice in milk chocolate
Pistache United States Sulpice Chocolat Painted chocolate bar - pistachios, cardamom and orange in dark chocolate
Pistachio and Rose Petal Chocolate Bar United States Sucré Chocolates Milk chocolate studded with Sicilian pistachios and candied rose petals
Polly Waffle Australia Nestlé Marshmallow-filled wafers in milk chocolate
Powerhouse United States Peter Paul Peanuts, caramel and nougat in milk chocolate
Prince Malaysia Danone Two chocolate-flavored soda cracker wafers in chocolate-flavored coating
Prince Polo Prince-Polo-Hazl-Split.jpg Poland, Iceland Kraft Chocolate-covered wafers
Princessa Poland Nestlé Nestlé imitation of Prince Polo; now equally popular
Ragusa Switzerland Chocolats Camille Bloch SA The finest[citation needed] Swiss praline chocolate with whole hazelnuts
Raider Switzerland, Europe (formerly) Twix was called Raider in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey for many years before its name was changed in 1991 (2000 in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Turkey) to match the international brand name.
Rally bar United States Hershey Similar to Baby Ruth - nougat, caramel and peanuts covered in milk chocolate
Reese's Crispy Crunchy Bar Reeses-Crispy-Crunchy-Split.jpg United States Hershey Peanut butter crisp candy with peanut butter and chopped peanuts, in milk chocolate
Reese's Fast Break Candy-Reeses-Fast-Break-Broken.jpg United States Hershey Peanut butter and nougat filling in milk chocolate
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Reeses-PB-Cups.png United States, Worldwide Hershey Peanut butter in a milk chocolate shell
Reese's Sticks Reeses-Sticks-Split.jpg United States, Worldwide Hershey Wafers filled with peanut butter and covered in milk chocolate
Ritter Sport Austria, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Sweden Ritter Sport Chocolate bar with various fillings
Rocky Road Rocky-Road-Milk-Split.jpg United States Annabelle Candy Company Marshmallow topped with cashews and covered with chocolate
Rolo Rolo-Candies-US.jpg United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Australia, The Netherlands, New Zealand Nestlé, Hershey in the US
Safari India, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt and the Philippines Gandour Chocolate coated on caramel covered wafer sandwich
Salted Pretzel United States Sucré Chocolates Swiss milk chocolate with salted pretzel twists
Sarris Chocolate Covered Pretzels United States Sarris Candies Chocolate covered pretzels
Sasha Chocolate Goldleaf South Korea Lotte Chocolate with real gold leaf layering
Skor Candy-Skor-Broken.jpg United States, Canada Hershey Crunchy butter toffee in milk chocolate
Sky Bar Sky-Bar-Split.jpg United States Necco Four sections: caramel, vanilla, peanut butter and fudge fillings, milk chocolate coating
Smooth Sailin' United States Hollywood Candy Co. Nougat with walnut pieces, covered in dark chocolate
S'mores Hershey's S'mores opened.jpg United States, Canada Hershey
Snickers Snickers-broken.JPG United States, Worldwide Mars Peanut butter nougat with caramel and peanuts in milk chocolate
Snik Snak United States (Formerly) Mars Similar to the Kit Kat: Wafers in chocolate
Spira United Kingdom Cadbury Two milk chocolate 'twists' with holes running through the middle
Starbar Star-Bar-Split.jpg United Kingdom, Ireland Cadbury Creamy peanut butter, light rice crisps and caramel covered with milk chocolate
Sublime Peru D'Onofrio Milk chocolate with peanuts
Sweet Marie Canada Cadbury (originally Willard's) Fudge center with peanuts and crisped rice covered in chocolate
Swirled Caramel & Salted Peanut United States Sucré Chocolates Double cream Swiss milk chocolate swirled with vanilla caramel and sprinkled with salted peanuts
Take 5 Candy-Take5-Broken.jpg United States Hershey Layer of caramel and peanut butter over pretzels and peanuts in milk chocolate
Tango Azerbaijan Ulduz Chocolate bar with almonds
Tim Tam New Zealand, Australia, United States, some Southeast Asian countries Arnott's Chocolate covered biscuit/cookie filled with chocolate cream and other ingredients. There are five varieties: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, caramel, and double-coated.
Time Out Time-Out-Split.jpg New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland Cadbury Wafers with a flake center, covered in milk chocolate
Tin Larin Mexico, Latin America Nestlé Wafers and peanut butter in chocolate
To'ak Chocolate Ecuador To'ak Chocolate hand made from the rare Nacional variety of cocoa bean
Toblerone Toblerone-Split.jpg Switzerland, India, Turkey, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, France, Germany, Norway, Italy, Hungary Kraft Foods Solid chocolate with chewy almond nougat bits
Toffee Crisp Toffee-Crisp-Split.jpg United Kingdom, Ireland Nestlé Crisped rice and soft caramel in milk chocolate
(also known as Toffifay)
Canada, UK, United States, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary Storck Caramel with nougat and hazelnuts in milk chocolate
Tony's Chocolonely United States, Netherlands Tony's Chocolonely Milk and dark chocolate with various added flavors
Top Deck South Africa, Australia Cadbury White chocolate peaks layered on top of a milk chocolate base
TopValu Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia Æon
Topic Topic-Bar-Split.jpg Poland, United Kingdom, Ireland Masterfoods Polska Hazelnuts, nougat and caramel in milk chocolate
Torino Switzerland Chocolats Camille Bloch SA Chocolate bar filled with almond-hazelnut praline
Túró Rudi Hungary Túró Rudi Cream cheese, chocolate
Turtles DeMet's TURTLES® Hero.jpg Canada, United States Nestle, US distribution by DeMet's Candy Company Chocolate, caramel, pecan, and cashew clusters
Twin Bing United States Palmer Candy Co. Cherry cream center with chocolate/peanut coating
Twirl Cadbury-Twirl-Split.jpg New Zealand, Australia, United States, Ireland, United Kingdom Cadbury Long flakes of milk chocolate covered in a chocolate coating
Twix Twix-broken.jpg United States, Worldwide Mars Cookie bar with two fingers of shortcake biscuit base topped with caramel and covered in chocolate
U-No Bar U-No-Split.jpg United States Annabelle Candy Company Milk chocolate truffle-like center, covered with milk chocolate and ground almonds
Vice Versas United Kingdom Nestlé Milk chocolate covered in white sugar coating, and white chocolate cover in chocolate sugar coating
Violet Crumble Violet-Crumble-Split.jpg Australia Robern Menz Aerated crunchy honeycomb-like center in milk chocolate
Walnut Crush United States Fenn white nougat and walnuts covered in dark chocolate
Welch's Fudge United States James O. Welch Co. Chocolate fudge bar with chocolate coating
Whatchamacallit Candy-Whatchamacallit-Broken.jpg United States Hershey[5] Peanut-flavored crisp with caramel in chocolate coating
Whip Australia Cadbury Fluffy nougat and caramel in milk chocolate
White Knight White-Knight-Split.jpg Australia Nestlé Chewy mint nougat in milk chocolate
Whittaker's New Zealand J.H. Whittaker & Sons Chocolate blocks, toffee milk, k-bar, slabs, mini slabs, chunks, squares, sante
Willocrisp Canada Neilson Crispy peanut butter in a chocolatey coating
Wispa Wispa-Split.jpg United Kingdom, Ireland Cadbury Smooth velvety chocolate bar
Wonka Bar New Zealand, United States, Australia, United Kingdom, South Africa Nestlé Graham cracker bits in chocolate
Wonka Mud Sludge Australia Nestlé Fudge center in chocolate
Woodies Belgium Cavalier Milk chocolate bar with hazelnut or orange filling and a biscuit
Wunderbar Star-Bar-Split.jpg Canada, Germany Cadbury Creamy peanut butter, light rice crisps and caramel covered with milk chocolate; the Canadian and German equivalent of Cadbury's Starbar
Yankie Bar Denmark Toms International Caramel, nougat, and milk chocolate bar
York Bar Canada, United States Mars
York Peppermint Pattie York-Peppermint-Pattie-Split.jpg United States, Worldwide Hershey Mint-flavored filling in compound chocolate; contains polyglycerol polyricinoleate as a substitute for cocoa butter
Yorkie Yorkie-Raisin-&-Biscuit-Split.jpg United Kingdom, Ireland Nestlé Chunky chocolate bar
Zero Bar Zero-Split.jpg United States, Canada Hershey[6] Caramel, peanut and nougat covered with white chocolate

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