AfreecaTV StarCraft League

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AfreecaTV StarCraft League (ASL)
Afreeca ASL logo.jpg
SportStarCraft: Brood War
StarCraft: Remastered
FoundedJune 2016
CountrySouth Korea
Most recent
Kim "Last" Sung Hyun
Most titlesLee "Flash" Young-ho (3)
TV partner(s)afreecaTV
Official website

The AfreecaTV StarCraft League (ASL) is a StarCraft: Remastered tournament series hosted by afreecaTV[1] in South Korea. It began its first season in June 2016 and used StarCraft: Brood War for its first three seasons prior to the release of StarCraft: Remastered. It is broadcast regularly in Korean and English on afreecaTV's own streaming platform as well as YouTube.[2] The main English language casters for the event are Dan "Artosis" Stemkoski and Nicolas "Tasteless" Plott. It currently runs alongside Blizzard Entertainment's Korea StarCraft League (KSL) as one of the two top level Korean leagues for StarCraft: Remastered.[3]


Year Name of Tournament Winner Result of Final Runner-Up
2016 Afreeca StarCraft League Season 1 Kim "Shuttle" Yoon Joong (Protoss) 3 - 0 Jo "Sharp" Ki Seok (Terran)
2016 Afreeca StarCraft League Season 2 Lee "Flash" Young-ho (Terran) 3 - 1 Yum "Sea" Bo Sung (Terran)
2017 Afreeca StarCraft League Season 3 Lee "Flash" Young-ho (Terran) 3 - 0 Lee "Shine" Young Han (Zerg)
2017 Afreeca StarCraft League Season 4 Lee "Flash" Young-ho (Terran) 3 - 1 Jo "hero" Il Jang (Zerg)
2018 Afreeca StarCraft League Season 5 Jung "Rain" Yoon Jong (Protoss) 3 - 1 Jang "Snow" Yoon Chul (Protoss)
2018 Afreeca StarCraft League Season 6 Kim "Effort" Jung Woo (Zerg) 3 - 2 Lee "Flash" Young-ho (Terran)
2019 Afreeca StarCraft League Season 7 Kim "Last" Sung Hyun (Terran) 3 - 1 Byun "mini" Hyun Je (Protoss)


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