Andai language

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Native toPapua New Guinea
RegionEast Sepik Province
Native speakers
400 (2005)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3afd

Andai (Meakambut, Pundungum, Wangkai) is an Arafundi language of Papua New Guinea.


Kassell, et al. (2018) list Namata, Kupina, Kaiyam, Andambit, and Awarem as the villages where Nanubae is spoken.[3] In the Andai area, the Mongolo (or Meakambut, after one of their former villages) people, a group of about 50–60 people, live east of the Arafundi River; Kassell, et al. (2018) believe this may be a separate ethnolinguistic group.[3]

According to Ethnologue (22nd edition), it is spoken in Andambit (4°57′11″S 143°35′13″E / 4.953147°S 143.586822°E / -4.953147; 143.586822 (Andimbit)), Awarem, Imboin (4°47′33″S 143°39′41″E / 4.792407°S 143.661468°E / -4.792407; 143.661468 (Imboin)), Kaiyam (4°55′06″S 143°31′43″E / 4.918344°S 143.528512°E / -4.918344; 143.528512 (Kaiyam)), Kupini (4°56′34″S 143°34′52″E / 4.942655°S 143.581077°E / -4.942655; 143.581077 (Kupin)), and Namata mountain (4°51′38″S 143°35′54″E / 4.860561°S 143.598304°E / -4.860561; 143.598304 (Namata)) villages in Imboin ward, Karawari Rural LLG, East Sepik Province.[4][5]


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