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Aryvandaar is a fictional kingdom in the Forgotten Realms setting for the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game.


Aryvandaar was a Sun elf kingdom,[1]:56 also known as the Vyshaantar Empire,[1]:52 that fell during the Fifth Crown War.[1]:56


First Flowering[edit]

The first settlements of Aryvandaar were founded around -23900 DR in the area later known as the High Forest.[2]:10[3]:29

Control of Aryvandaar was gained by the clan Vyshaan in -15300 DR, under the leadership of Coronal Ivosaar Vyshaan. The Vyshaanti of Aryvandaar claimed a family link to the ruling family of Miyeritar. They then attempted a peaceful annexation of Miyeritar which was resisted.[1]:52[2]:12[3]:29

First Crown War[edit]

Aryvandaar began the first Crown War by invading Miyeritar in -12000 DR. They also put pressure on Shantel Othreier to accept their rule or suffer the same.[1]:52[2]:12[3]:29 By -11800 DR Aryvandaar had fully annexed and occupied Miyeritar though some parts continue to resist.[1]:52[2]:12[3]:30 Miyeritar wasn't considered fully conquered until -11300 DR.[1]:52[2]:12[3]:30

Third Crown War[edit]

In -10900 DR Aryvandaar, now the Vyshaantar Empire, ceased talks with Shantel Otheier and invaded, starting the third Crown War.[1]:52[2]:14[3]:30 Around this time the Vyshaan lords gained a secret patron in Malkizid, a fallen solar.[1]:52 The Battle of the Gods' Theater was fought in -10700 DR, one of the greatest and bloodiest battles of the Crown Wars. Over 70,000 elves died as an orc horde fell upon the battling armies of Aryvandaar and Shantel Othreier. Aryvandaar was victorious and occupied the northern half of Shantel Othreier. Aryvandaar fully conquered Shantel Othreier in -10600 DR, after the mysterious death of Coronal Ynloeth ending the third Crown War. Following this, resistance movements sprang up in Shantel Othreier and neighboring Miyeritar. Shortly thereafter the Dark Disaster occurred, and Miyeritar was destroyed by its killing storms.[1]:52[2]:15[3]:31 The histories written by the victorius Vyshaanti claim that Miyeritar was responsible. But in reality the high mages of Aryvandaar caused the killing storms.[1]:55


In -3533 DR, the Nether Scrolls are discovered by Finder,[4] a Netherese human, within the ruins of Aryvandaar.[3]


The boundaries of this forest kingdom were the High Forest in the east and the River Dessarin in the west.[1]:56


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