Vilhon Reach

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The Vilhon Reach
Type various
Ruler none
Race(s) Humans, dwarves, elves, lizardfolk
Notable locations none (capital)
Population 5,500,000

The Vilhon Reach is a region on the fictional continent of Faerûn in the role-playing game setting of the Forgotten Realms.


The region is named after a body of water called the Vilhon Reach, a part of the Sea of Fallen Stars.

Through its many port cities, the Vilhon Reach is established as an essential trade center between the cities of the southern bodies of water, the Lake of Steam and the Shining Sea, and the many kingdoms and city-states around the inner sea of the continent, the Sea of Fallen Stars.

Related places[edit]


Further information: Chondath


Hlondeth is an independent city-state at the end of the Vilhon Reach which controls a region of mountainous territory to the southwest of Turmish. The city has long had an association with serpents, and is ruled by the Extaminos family, with mixed blood that is not quite human.

The Shining Plains[edit]

The Shining Plains is a region located west of Turmish, the city of Ormath, established in 125 DR is a location of interest.[citation needed]


Turmish is a republic with the capital of Alaghôn, and is located in the north of the Vilhon Reach. The around 1,700,000 inhabitants are mainly humans, but dwarves are common as well, alongside minorities of halflings, elves, gnomes, half-elves and half-orcs.

Turmish is modeled after medieval Turkey.


Trenton Webb of the British RPG magazine Arcane, in his review of the book The Vilhon Reach, expected a book on this region to be dull: "It's too civilised, too central and too focused on trade to be any fun. Yet this latest Forgotten Realms campaign expansion takes tedious trading towns and develops them into a network of delightfully jealous city states teetering on the brink of war."[1] Webb notes that the region "has a distinct Eastern European flavour with established nations rubbing shoulders uncomfortably with newly-formed city states. Only mercenary armies and unreliable alliances hold the peace.".[1]


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