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Region: Lowland
OwnerMorrison Bowmore Distillers
Water sourceLoch Katrine (Production) & Loch Cochno (Cooling)[2]
No. of stills1 wash still[2]
1 middle still[2]
1 spirit still[2]
Capacity1,800,000 litres[2]
Auchentoshan Single Malt
TypeSingle malt
Age(s)12 Years
18 Years
21 Years
Cask type(s)80% refill
20% First fill sherry wood
ABV40% – 43%[3]
Auchentoshan Classic
TypeSingle malt
Cask type(s)1st Fill Bourbon Cask
Three Wood
TypeSingle Malt
Cask type(s)10 Years matured in American Bourbon with 1 year Oloroso finish and then 1 year Pedro Ximenez finish

Auchentoshan distillery (/ˌɒxənˈtɒʃən/ OKH-ən-TOSH-ən) is a single malt whisky distillery in the west of Scotland. The name Auchentoshan is from Gaelic Achadh an Oisein (Scottish Gaelic pronunciation: [ˈaxəɣ ən̪ ˈɔʃɛɲ]) and translates as "corner of the field".[4] The distillery is also known as "Glasgow's Malt Whisky" due to its proximity to Glasgow and "the breakfast whisky" due to its sweet and delicate nature.[5] Auchentoshan is located at the foot of the Kilpatrick Hills on the outskirts of Clydebank in West Dunbartonshire near the Erskine Bridge. It is one of six malt whisky distilleries in the Scottish Lowlands[6] along with Bladnoch, Glenkinchie and recently Daftmill Distillery, Annandale Distillery and Ailsa Bay Distillery.


Auchentoshan was built in 1800.[7] After its foundation, it changed hands multiple times, and was bought by Eadie Cairns in 1969, who rebuilt it completely.[7] Cairns sold Auchentoshan to Morrison Bowmore distillers in 1984.[7] Suntory invested in Morrison Bowmore in 1989. In 1994, they acquired 100% of its holdings. In May 2014,[8] Beam Inc. and Suntory Holdings Limited merged to create Beam Suntory Inc, who are now the owners of Auchentoshan and other Morrison Bowmore holdings.


Unusual for a Scottish distillery, Auchentoshan practices triple distillation.[9] Generally the final stage of Scotch whisky production involves distilling the fermented mash in two copper stills. In Auchentoshan, a third still (known as the "Intermediate Still") helps to give a final spirit strength of 81% ABV (162 proof).[10] This triple distillation, in addition to an unpeated malt,[4] gives Auchentoshan a more delicate and sweet flavour than many Scotch whiskies.[5] Maturation is mainly in ex-bourbon barrels and ex-sherry butts, though some Auchentoshans will mature in French wine casks.[11]

Special bottlings are released periodically, including the oldest, a 50-year-old Auchentoshan distilled in 1957 and released in 2008.[12] The distillery has a visitor centre and conference facilities, both completed in 2005, and is open to the public for tours every day of the week.

Awards and reviews[edit]

Auchentoshan offerings have performed well at international spirit ratings competitions. Its 16- and 18-year scotches received double gold medals at the 2008 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.[13][14] The Auchentoshan Three Wood expression won "the best Scotch Whisky and Cigar Combination" in the world when paired with the Bolivar Inmensas.[15]

The Fermentation Tanks
The copper pot stills
Barrels in Auchentoshan distillery

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