BMW UKL platform

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ManufacturerBMW, Mini
Parent companyBMW Group
Also calledUKL1, UKL2
Body and chassis
ClassUKL1 : Subcompact
UKL2 : Compact car
LayoutFront engine, front wheel drive,
optional four-wheel drive
RelatedBMW CLAR platform

The UKL platform (UKL=Untere Klasse, lower class in German[1]) is an automobile platform developed by German car manufacturer BMW. It is a modular architecture to suit a range of front and four-wheel drive models.

The platform has two derivatives; the UKL1 and UKL2. The first production vehicle to use the UKL platform is the 2014 Mini Hatch.[2]

UKL1 platform[edit]

Models announced include:

UKL2 platform[edit]


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