Bab al-Faraj Clock Tower

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Bab el-Faradj Clock Tower

Bab al-Faraj Clock Tower (Arabic: برج ساعة باب الفرج‎‎), is one of the main landmarks of Aleppo, Syria. It was built in 1898-1899 by the French[1] architect of Aleppo city Charles Chartier with the help of the Syrian engineer Bakr Sidqi, under the Ottoman ruler of Aleppo; wāli Raif Pasha.[2]

It is located near the historical gate of Bab al-Faraj, adjacent to the building of the National library.[3]

The construction of the tower cost a sum of 1,500 Ottoman lira. Half of the cost was collected through donations while the other half was paid by the municipality.

The design of the tower resembles the old Islamic minarets with four similar façades, topped with traditional oriental muqarnas.


Coordinates: 36°12′14″N 37°09′10″E / 36.20402°N 37.15275°E / 36.20402; 37.15275