Sheraton Aleppo Hotel

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Sheraton Hotel Aleppo
Sheraton Aleppo Alp.JPG
Sheraton Aleppo
General information
Location Syria Aleppo, Syria
Coordinates 36°12′17″N 37°9′14″E / 36.20472°N 37.15389°E / 36.20472; 37.15389Coordinates: 36°12′17″N 37°9′14″E / 36.20472°N 37.15389°E / 36.20472; 37.15389
Opening 2007
Technical details
Floor count 6
Other information
Number of rooms 199
Number of suites 31
Number of restaurants 9

The Sheraton Aleppo Hotel is a five-star hotel opened in the beginning of 2007 in the ancient part of Aleppo city, within the historic walls, on Al-Khandaq street, Aqabeh district, near the Bab al-Faraj clock tower.

In January 2012, Starwood Hotels severed all connections with the hotel due to U.S. sanctions against Syria, and the hotel is no longer an official part of the Sheraton chain.

The 6 storied building with 199 rooms and suites has an outdoor swimming pool, a modern gym and various restaurants and bars.

The architecture of the hotel reflects the old traditional style of the Aleppine buildings, combining a historic 15th century facade with modern interiors.


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