Bear Creek Spire

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Bear Creek Spire
Bear Creek Spire from Mosquito Flat.jpg
Bear Creek Spire
Highest point
Elevation13,726 ft (4,184 m) [1]
Prominence1,440 ft (440 m) [1]
Coordinates37°22′05″N 118°46′03″W / 37.368012°N 118.767505°W / 37.368012; -118.767505Coordinates: 37°22′05″N 118°46′03″W / 37.368012°N 118.767505°W / 37.368012; -118.767505[1]
LocationInyo County, California,
United States
Parent rangeSierra Nevada
Topo mapUSGS Mount Hilgard

Bear Creek Spire is located in the Sierra Nevada in Inyo County in eastern California in the southwestern United States [1] and is the 46th highest mountain in California and the 225st highest mountain in the United States.[2] Bear Creek Spire is part of the John Muir Wilderness and the Inyo National Forest.[1]


Bear Creek Spire from Dade Lake
On the approach from Dade Lake to the North Arete of Bear Creek Spire

Bear Creek Spire was named in 1908 by Joseph LeConte, James Hutchinson and Duncan McDuffie, because of its position at the head of the Hilgard Branch of Bear Creek.[3]


The first ascent of Bear Creek Spire was a solo climb by Hermann Ulrichs in 1923 up its west face.[3][4] Norman Clyde established the Northeast Face route in October 1931 and a route up the Northeast Buttress in May 1932.[3]


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