Berry Head Lighthouse

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Berry Head Lighthouse
Berry Head lighthouse.jpg
Berry Head Lighthouse
Berry Head Lighthouse is located in Devon
Berry Head Lighthouse
Coordinates50°23′58.5″N 3°29′0.4″W / 50.399583°N 3.483444°W / 50.399583; -3.483444Coordinates: 50°23′58.5″N 3°29′0.4″W / 50.399583°N 3.483444°W / 50.399583; -3.483444
Year first constructed1906
Tower shapecylindrical lantern with dome attached to equipment building
Markings / patternwhite lantern and dome
Tower height5 m (16 ft)
Focal height58 m (190 ft)
Current lens500 mm 3rd order rotating optic
Intensity4,200 candela
Range19 nmi (35 km; 22 mi)
CharacteristicFl (2) W 15s.
Admiralty numberA0244
NGA number0344
ARLHS numberENG 007
Managing agentTrinity House[1] [2]

Berry Head Lighthouse is an active lighthouse, located at the end of Berry Head near Brixham in Devon. It was originally built in 1906, and was then automated and converted to run on acetylene in 1921, and was modernised in 1994. Since then it has run on mains electricity.

The light has a range of 19 nautical miles (35 km; 22 mi), giving a double white flash every 15 seconds.[3]

Berry Head is reputedly the shortest lighthouse in Great Britain, but also one of the highest, being only 5 metres (16 ft) tall, but 58 metres (190 ft) above mean sea level. It was also said to be the deepest because the optic was originally turned by a weight falling down a 45 metres (148 ft) deep shaft, though an electric motor is now used.[3]

Semaphore signalling apparatus was on Berry Head before 1875 and acted as the Lloyds' Signal Station for Torbay.

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