Romanian Socialist Party (present-day)

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Romanian Socialist Party

Partidul Socialist Român
LeaderConstantin Rotaru
FoundedJuly 2003
Split fromSocialist Party of Labour
HeadquartersȘos. Olari 12, Sector 2
Communism[citation needed]
Political positionLeft-wing
European affiliationParty of the European Left
International affiliationIMCWP[citation needed]
Colours  Red
Chamber of Deputies
0 / 329
0 / 136
European Parliament
0 / 32
County Council
0 / 1,434
Local seats
20 / 40,067
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The Romanian Socialist Party (Romanian: Partidul Socialist Român) is a political party in Romania formed as the Socialist Alliance Party (PAS) in 2003. It developed out of the wing of the Socialist Party of Labour (PSM) that objected to the merger of PSM with the Social Democratic Party in July 2003 and wanted the PSM to continue as a socialist party. The Romanian authorities did not recognize this group as part of PSM, and instead it took the name Socialist Alliance Party. After absorbing the United Left Party in 2009, the party merged into the Socialist Alternative Party in late 2013. In late 2014, the merged party changed its name to the Socialist Party of Romania, replacing the party of the same name defunct since 2013. The unregistered present-day Romanian Communist Party (which has since gained registration after changing its name to the Communitarian Party of Romania) had argued that the SPR is a pseudo-communist party.[1]

The then-PAS decided to rename itself the Romanian Communist Party at an extraordinary party congress in July 2010, placing itself in the tradition of the party of the same name founded in 1921. The renaming was however rejected by the Bucharest tribunal.

In 2013 it won 34 local seats.

The party is led by a 165-member National Committee, a 60-member Directive Committee and a 60-member Executive Bureau.

The SPR was a founding member of the Party of the European Left.

Electoral history[edit]

Legislative elections[edit]

Election Chamber Senate Position Aftermath
Votes % Seats Votes % Seats
2004 28,429 0.28
0 / 332
37,019 0.36
0 / 137
(as PAS)
2008 did not compete Extra-parliamentary
2012 2,331 0.03
0 / 412
2,171 0.03
0 / 176
9th Extra-parliamentary
2016 24,580 0.35
0 / 329
32,808 0.47
0 / 136
11th Extra-parliamentary

Presidential elections[edit]

Election Candidate First round Second round
Votes Percentage Position Votes Percentage Position
2004 did not compete
2009 Constantin Rotaru 43,684
2014 Constantin Rotaru 28,805
2019 did not compete

European elections[edit]

Election Votes Percentage MEPs Position EU Party EP Group
2007 28,484 0.55%
0 / 35
(as PAS)
2009 did not compete PEL
2014 did not compete PEL
2019 40,135 0.44%
0 / 32
14th PEL

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