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Launched July 25, 2009
Country People's Republic of China
Language Arabic language
Headquarters Beijing, China
Website CCTV-العربية
Streaming media
CNTV Ai Bugu CCTV-العربية

CCTV International Arabic (Chinese: 中国中央电视台阿拉伯语国际频道; Arabic: القناة العربية في تلفزيون الصين المركزي; often shortened as CCTV-العربية) is an Arabic-language channel launched by China Central Television in 2009.


On July 25, 2009, CCTV launched its Arabic-language international channel, stating that it aims to maintain stronger links with Arabic nations and that the new channel will "serve as an important bridge to strengthen communication and understanding between China and Arab countries".[1] The free-to-air channel reaches the Middle East and North Africa by Arabsat BADR-6 and Nilesat 103, Europe by Eurobird 9 and Asia-Pacific region by Chinasat 6B. The channel is also broadcast in traditional and high-definition format on its official website CCTV also has plans for a Russian-language channel.[2] The channel is open for view to an audience of potentially 300 million in 22 countries, through the use of satellite television.[2]

Development and Funding[edit]

The South China Morning Post reported that CCTV was prepared to spend 45 billion yuan (US$9.5 billion) into the development of the channel, a claim unconfirmed by official sources.[2]


The channel broadcasts entirely in Arabic, with programs from the four categories of news, feature stories, entertainment and education. Each program is broadcast six times per day, while news reports are regularly updated. The channel will gradually increase the number of programs as it develops.[1]

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