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An owl is prominently featured in Oldham's coat of arms.

Chaddy the Owl is the official mascot of Oldham Athletic—an association football club in Oldham, in Greater Manchester, England. He was chosen as the official mascot of Oldham Athletic to reflect Oldham's historic heraldry and heritage, as the owl is a prominent feature on the Oldham coat of arms. He won the Football League's mascots' race in 2002[1] and 2003,[2] after finishing in third place in 2001.[3] Chaddy was crowned the overall winner of the 2010 Mascot Olympics in Milton Keynes after claiming first place in the football dash, the assault course and the penalty shootout — during which he was the only mascot to save all 10 shots.[4]

In a 2000 match versus Peterborough United, Chaddy was mistakenly flagged offside by a linesman. Kevin Williams, who was in the suit at the time,[5] later stated, "Fair enough, I did have a replica shirt on—but I also have a big furry head!"[6] Later that year, he was reprimanded after mooning Cardiff City fans.[6] In April 2009, Chaddy injured himself on a BMX bike before Oldham's match against Carlisle United.[7]


In December 2003, in a game versus Blackpool, Chaddy was involved in a scuffle with Bloomfield Bear, Blackpool's mascot, at Bloomfield Road after throwing the bear's foam boots into the crowd.[8] Chaddy defended himself, stating that Bloomfield Bear was attempting to break his beak.[8]

Near the end of the 2005–06 football season, Chaddy was ejected from Belle Vue in a game versus Doncaster Rovers. Chaddy was escorted off of the premises after inciting a riot and making obscene gestures.[9]


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