Iraq Football Association

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Iraq Football Association
الاتحاد العراقي لكرة القدم

Iraq FA (logo).jpg
Sport Football
Beach football
Jurisdiction Iraq
Founded 1948 (1948)
Affiliation FIFA (1950)
AFC (1970)[1]
UAFA (1974)
WAFF (2000)
Headquarters Zayouna
Location Baghdad
President Abdul Khaliq Masood
Official website

The Iraq Football Association (Arabic: الاتحاد العراقي لكرة القدم‎) is the governing body of football in Iraq, controlling the Iraqi national team and the Iraq Super League.[2][3][4][5][6] The Iraqi Football Association was founded in 1948 and has been a member of FIFA since 1950, the Asian Football Confederation since 1970, and the Sub-confederation regional body West Asian Football Federation since 2000. Iraq also is part of the Union of Arab Football Associations and has been a member since 1974. The Iraqi team is commonly known as (Usood Al-Rafidain, Arabic: اسود الرافدين‎) which literally meaning Lions of Mesopotamia.


The Iraqi youth national teams have been ejected from tournaments for fielding over-age players.[7] In 1989, Iraq was banned for using over-age players in the under-20 world championships in Saudi Arabia. That ban was extended when Iraq invaded Kuwait in August 1990.[8]

Association information[edit]

Position Name
President Abdul Khaliq Masood

List of Presidents of IFA[edit]

The following is a list of presidents of Iraq Football Association (IFA).

Presidency President Took office Left office
1 Uday Hussein 1984 2003
2 Hussein Saeed 2003 2011
3 Najih Humoud 2011 2014
4 Abdul Khaliq Masood 2014 present


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