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Football Association of Thailand
Association crest
Founded 1916
FIFA affiliation 1925
AFC affiliation 1954[1]
AFF affiliation 1984
President Worawi Makudi

The Football Association of Thailand (FAT) or the full name is the Football Association of Thailand under Patronage of His Majesty the King (Thai: สมาคมฟุตบอลแห่งประเทศไทย ในพระบรมราชูปถัมภ์) is the governing body of football in Thailand. It was founded in 25 April 1916 and then joined FIFA in 23 June 1925 and AFC in 1954.


Football was introduced into Thailand in 1897. In 1916, King Vajiravudh founded "The Football Association of Thailand under Patronage of His Majesty the King." After that the association joined the FIFA in 1925 and AFC in 1954.

Thailand national football team joined Olympic Games first time in Australia in 1956

The first football stadium, Suphachalasai Stadium, was built in 1935. King's Cup, the first football cup was introduced in 1968. And then two years later, Queen's Cup, a national cup competition, started in 1970.

The logo of Thailand national football team

Thai football competitions[edit]

Leagues and tournaments[edit]

League competitions in Thailand include :



For promotion to Division 2:

  • Football Royal Cup - (Division 3 A) For the general teams.
    • Khǒr Royal Cup (Thai: ถ้วย ข.) - Division 3 - 1 A - The top two teams are promoted into Division 2.
    • Khor Royal Cup (Thai: ถ้วย ค.) - Division 3 - 2 A
    • Ngor Royal Cup (Thai: ถ้วย ง.) - Division 3 - 3 A
  • Provincial League - (Division 3 B) For provincial teams around the country. This competition is organized by the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT). It is divided into five regions consisting of Central, Eastern, Northern, Northeastern (Isan), Southern. The winners and the runner-ups from each region will play in SAT Championship playoffs in the tournament at the end of a season. The top two teams are promoted into the Division 2.

(See also: Thai football league system for the additional detail about league system.)

Cup competitions[edit]

List of Presidents of FAT[edit]

The following is a list of presidents of Football Association of Thailand (FAT).

Presidency President Took office Left office
1 Fuang Puengboon 1916 1919
2 Chatwarid Kasemsan 1919 1922
3 Anura Kanejohn 1922 1925
4 Fuen Puengboon 1925 1928
5 Chalern Chenakool 1928 1931
6 Tetsuthorn Kanjanasap 1931 1934
7 Samakhom Kittiyakorn 1934 1938
8 Jiam Jiarakool 1953 1955
9 Pachern Nimitbutr 1955 1956
10 Jampen Jarusatian 1960 1961
11 Torsak Yommanart 1961 1973
12 Prachoom Rattanapian 1976 1977
13 Anu Romyanont 1975–1976 1978–1988
14 Chalor Kerdthes 1988 1995
15 Vijit Ketkaew 1995 2008
16 Worawi Makudi 2008– Present


The following are the sponsors of FAT (named "FAT Partners"):

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