List of schools in Yishun

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There are 21 schools located in Yishun, Singapore. There are 2 post secondary schools, 9 secondary schools and 11 primary schools.

Post secondary schools[edit]

Name Website Comments
Yishun Junior College [1]
ITE College Central [2] Subsequently relocated to Ang Mo Kio

Secondary schools[edit]

Name Website Comments
Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School [3]
Naval Base Secondary School [4]
North View Secondary School [5]
Northbrooks Secondary School [6]
Northland Secondary School [7]
Orchid Park Secondary School [8]
Yishun Secondary School [9]
Yishun Town Secondary School [10]
Chung Cheng High School (Yishun) [11]

Primary schools[edit]

Name Website Comments
Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School [12]
Chongfu School [13]
Huamin Primary School [14]
Jiemin Primary School [15]
Naval Base Primary School [16]
Northland Primary School [17]
North View Primary School [18]
Peixin Primary School [19] Merged with Yishun Primary School in 2009.
Peiying Primary School [20] formerly known as Poi Eng Primary School
Xishan Primary School [21]
Yishun Primary School [22]