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CommonJS is a project with the goal of specifying an ecosystem for JavaScript outside the browser (for example, on the server or for native desktop applications).


The project was started by Mozilla engineer Kevin Dangoor in January 2009 and initially named ServerJS.[1]

In August 2009, the project was renamed CommonJS to show the broader applicability of the APIs.[2] Specifications are created and approved in an open process. A specification is only considered final after it has been finished by multiple implementations.[3] CommonJS is not affiliated with the Ecma International group TC39 working on ECMAScript, but some members of TC39 participate in the project.[4]

In May 2013, Isaac Z. Schlueter, the author of npm, the package manager for Node.js, said CommonJS is being made obsolete by Node.js, and is avoided by the core Node.js developers.[5]


The list of specifications includes:[6]


  • Modules/1.0 (Superseded by Modules/1.1)
  • Modules/1.1
  • Modules/1.1.1
  • Packages/1.0
  • Promises/B
  • Promises/C
  • System/1.0


  • Binary/B
  • Binary/F
  • Console
  • Encodings/A
  • Filesystem/A
  • Filesystem/A/0
  • Modules/Async/A
  • Modules/Transport/B
  • Packages/1.1
  • Packages/Mappings
  • Unit Testing/1.0


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