Copa Libertadores de Futsal

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Copa Libertadores de Futsal
Founded 1970 (precursor)
2000 (current format)
Region South America (CONMEBOL)
Current champion(s) Brazil Carlos Barbosa
(5th title)
Most successful club(s) Brazil Malwee/Jaraguá
(6 titles)
2017 Championship

The Copa Libertadores de Clubes de Futsal (English: South American Club Futsal Championship, Portuguese: Campeonato Sul-Americano de Futebol de Salão) is an international futsal competition disputed between the best clubs of South America. Since 2002, the tournament is formally organized by CONMEBOL.

Competition format[edit]

Since 2002, the competition is divided in two zones, Zona Norte (North Zone) and Zona Sur (South Zone). This was intended to end the hegemony of the Brazilian teams in the tournament. Each zone is divided in two groups with a variable number of teams. The teams in each group play each other in a single party headquarters previously defined by CONMEBOL tournament for each zone. After playing all group matches the top two teams of each group meet in semifinals single party and crossed keys (first second of a group against the other), the winners of each match compete with each end of the area single party and the winner of the disputed area of the South American final against the winner of the other area the best of three games based determined by CONMEBOL. If a team does not attend matches as scheduled without justifying their absence and / or fails to reach agreement with the opposing team and the CONMEBOL to change dates, Champion declaring his opponent by Walkover (W.O.).


Year Host Champion Score Runner-up
2000 Brazil Rio de Janeiro Brazil Internacional 6–5 Brazil Vasco de Gama
2001 Brazil Carlos Barbosa Brazil Banespa 6–5 Brazil Carlos Barbosa
2002 Venezuela Valera Brazil Carlos Barbosa 7–4 / 9–6 Venezuela Pumas
2003 Brazil Carlos Barbosa Brazil Carlos Barbosa 8–2 / 5–1 Uruguay Nacional
2004 Peru Lima Brazil Malwee/Jaraguá 13–8 / 5–1 Peru Kansas
2005 Paraguay Itauguá Brazil Malwee/Jaraguá 6–5 / 3–2 Paraguay Universidad Autonoma
2006 Colombia Fusagasugá Brazil Malwee/Jaraguá 5–2 / 8–3 Colombia Santa Fe
2007 Brazil Jaraguá do Sul Brazil Malwee/Jaraguá 7–1 / 6–2 Colombia Bello Jairuby
2008 Brazil Jaraguá do Sul Brazil Malwee/Jaraguá 11–4 / 10–2 Venezuela Deportivo Táchira
2009 Argentina Misiones Brazil Malwee/Jaraguá* w/o Colombia Bello Jairuby
2010 Venezuela La Guaira Brazil Carlos Barbosa 8–0 / 8–1 Venezuela La Riviera Vargas
2011** Paraguay Encarnación Brazil Carlos Barbosa 3–1 Paraguay Atlético Paranaense
2012 Not played
2013 Brazil Orlândia Brazil Intelli Orlandia 4–1 / 7–2[1] Colombia Talento Dorado
2014** Brazil Erechim Brazil Atlântico Erechim 3–2 Argentina Boca Juniors
2015 Brazil Itapetininga Brazil Brasil Kirin 5–1 / 4–2[2] Colombia Real Bucaramanga
2016[3] Paraguay Asunción*** Paraguay Cerro Porteño 4–2 Brazil Jaraguá
2017[4] Peru Lima Brazil Carlos Barbosa 2–1 Paraguay Cerro Porteño

* Champion is declared to Malwee/Jaraguá because Bello Jairuby held off parties agreed to play in Brazil.

** The tournament was not played in the North Zone. Consequently, the South Zone tournament proclaimed champion and runner-up on a continental level.

*** The tournament was originally scheduled to be played in La Guaira, Venezuela between 3–9 May 2016,[5] but was later cancelled due to "for insurmountable force majeure and logistics".[6] The tournament was relocated to be played in Asunción, Paraguay between 12–19 June 2016.[7]


Performance by club[edit]

Club Country Titles Years won
Malwee/Jaraguá  Brazil 6 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
Carlos Barbosa  Brazil 5 2002, 2003, 2010, 2011, 2017
Cerro Porteño  Paraguay 1 2016
Brasil Kirin  Brazil 1 2015
Atlântico Erechim  Brazil 1 2014
Intelli Orlandia  Brazil 1 2013
Banespa  Brazil 1 2001
Internacional  Brazil 1 2000

Performance by nation[edit]

Nation Winners Runners-up Years won
 Brazil 16 3 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017
 Paraguay 1 3 2016
 Colombia 0 5
 Venezuela 0 3
 Peru 0 1
 Uruguay 0 1
 Argentina 0 1


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