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Copa Águila
Founded 1950
Region Colombia Colombia
Number of teams 36
Current champions Deportes Tolima (1st title)
Most successful club(s) Millonarios
(3 titles)
Television broadcasters Win Sports
Website Official Site
2015 Copa Colombia

The Copa Colombia (Colombia Cup, officially known as Copa Águila[1] due to sponsorship by brewery company Bavaria (manufacturer of Águila beer)) is a football tournament in Colombia. It is contested by the 36 professional clubs of DIMAYOR. Although played for the first time in 1950, the tournament has only been held twelve times and five times consecutively since its revival in 2008. The most successful club is Millonarios, with three titles.


Prior to 2008, the Copa Colombia was played in seven occasions, the first three 1950–51 and 1952–53 (in the El Dorado of the Colombian football) as an elimination tournament similar to the Copa del Rey in Spain, with home and away games. Due to the economic status of the teams and the Colombian League back then, the teams could afford large rosters for both local and international games. There were two additional editions in 1956 and 1963.[citation needed]

After the 1962–63 edition, the trophy was given to Millonarios after they won their third consecutive edition of the Copa Colombia. In 1981, there was a new edition of the Copa Colombia, as an additional part of the league. This edition was won by Independiente Medellín over Deportivo Cali. Eight years later, in 1989, Santa Fe won the competition when it was revived again.[2]

New beginning[edit]

On February 14, 2008, the 36 members of the DIMAYOR decided to bring back the Copa Colombia. As a DIMAYOR decision, it would be contested by its members (the first and second division of Colombian football).[3] The first edition of the Copa Colombia's newest inception was held the same year and won by La Equidad. The official sponsor of the tournament for the following five years was Postobón.[4]

In 2015 the competition was renamed to Copa Águila with a new sponsor, Bavaria, the company that produces Águila beer.

List of finals[edit]


One of the Copa Colombia of the 1950s
from the trophy room of Millonarios FC

Season Winner (title count) Runner-up
1950–51 Boca Juniors (1) Santa Fe
1951–52 Boca Juniors (2) Millonarios
1952–53 Millonarios (1) Boca Juniors
1963 Millonarios (2)
1981 Independiente Medellín (1) Deportivo Cali
1989 Santa Fe (1) Unión Magdalena
2008 La Equidad (1) Once Caldas
2009 Santa Fe (2) Pasto
2010 Deportivo Cali (1) Itagüí
2011 Millonarios (3) Boyacá Chicó
2012 Atlético Nacional (1) Pasto
2013 [5] Atlético Nacional (2) Millonarios
2014 [6] Deportes Tolima (1) Santa Fe



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