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The Cuttle Cart (also known as the SuperDuperCharger during development) is an Atari 2600 cartridge developed by Chad Schell in the early 2000s.[1][2][3] Compatible with the Starpath Supercharger under license, the Cuttle Cart allows ROM images to be loaded via an 1/8" minijack audio interface such as a cassette tape or CD player.[4] Discontinued by the manufacturer in 2003, the cartridge is rare and released in limited number; only 204 Cuttle Carts were produced.

Following the original Cuttle Cart, Schell released the Cuttle Cart 2 for the Atari 7800,[5] and the Cuttle Cart 3 for the Intellivision console.

The Cuttle Cart supports games up to 64kb in size, is backwards compatible with the vintage Starpath Supercharger, and is capable of multi-loading games from CD.


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