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Cybook (Cytale) / Cybook Gen1 (Bookeen)
Cybook gen1.jpeg
Cybook Gen1 as sold by Bookeen
Manufacturer Cytale at first, then Bookeen
Type e-Reader
Release date 1998 (Cytale) / 2003 (Bookeen)
Retail availability 4 hours of autonomy ( 3 to 5 hours depending on brightness settings)
Media MobipocketTM, PDF, TXT, RTF, DOC, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, MP3
Operating system Windows CE 3.0
CPU Power PC MPC828e
Memory 32 MB RAM
Storage 16 MB Data Flash
Display 10" LCD Screen
600x800 pixels, 256 Colors
Touchpad Yes
Connectivity USB, PCMCIA, RTC Modem
Power Li-Ion battery
Dimensions 203×257×25.4 mm (8×10.1×1 in)
Weight ~1 Kg (35 ounces)
Successor Cybook Gen3

The Cybook Gen1 (formally Cybook) was an e-reader originally made by the French company Cytale, which filed for bankruptcy in 2003. Two engineers of Cytale founded Bookeen and bought the rights to the Cybook. They completely remade the integrated OS and application, and then sold it as the Cybook Gen1.

This product is now discontinued. It was replaced by the Cybook Gen3, a smaller, lighter device.

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