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D.A.V. Boys Senior Secondary School is a senior secondary high school located in Gopalapuram, a central part of Chennai, India. It is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education. The school is noted for its high results in the CBSE Class 12 Board Exams and has been ranked among the best in the country over the years, especially in academics . For the past two years it has been ranked among the top three schools in India in the CBSE Class 12th Board Exam Results .[1][2] The magazines Outlook and Education World rated the school as the best in Tamil Nadu.[2]

Shri Ravi Malhotra is incumbent President of the Board Of Management. The Principal is Mrs.Santhy Asokan who replaced Geetha Balachander in 2014.


The school is located on Lloyds Road (Avvai Shanmugham Salai). It is flanked by sister institutions D.A.V. Matric School and D.A.V. Girls School. The boys school is attached with the corporation playground.


D.A.V. Boys Gopalapuram follows the CBSE curriculum from 6th standard onwards. The average strength of a class is 40. Till class ten, the main subjects taught are Science, Social Science, Mathematics, English, and Language. Choices for Language are Tamil, Hindi and Sanskrit.

Computer Science, Third Language, Electrical Gadgets, WoodWork, Art are compulsory for students till class 8.

Havans are performed by students every week.


Tagore, Shivaji, Pratap, Bharati


The school D.A.V. (Dayanand Anglo-Vedic schools system) was started by Arya Samaj[3] with the motto of "Lead us from darkness unto light".[4] Late Mr. Satyadev, Mr. Lalaindersain, Mr Malhotra D.C. along with late Mr Jaidev were the founder heads of the school.

Kulapathi. Dr. S. Balakrishna Joshi was the Founder - Principal; Sri A.S.Ram Kalia, late Shri Jaidev Ji and Shri Surendra Kumar led the school for more than two decades and were responsible for the schools growth.[5][6]


The school has produced toppers in CBSE 10th and 12th standard exams as well as the AIEEE, BITSAT and IITJEE exams year after year.A Thiagarajan (JEE-2001 AIR 1) and P.N. Bhargav who represented India in the IPhO (Gold) and IMO (Hon Mention) res. are alumni of the school.[2]

Education World magazine ranked the school first in academic reputation (along with DPS Delhi) and over all fourth in the country in the year 2010.It has also been ranked as 8th in all over India schools[7]


  • National level quizzes like the IIM Mettalurgy quiz.
  • The chess team has finished in the top three positions at national level championships.
  • The school has had national level champions in the CBSE Science exhibition for 2014 and 2015.
  • The school quiz team was finalist at the national Mettalurgy quiz 2015.

Community service[edit]

Students participate in community service, particularly after the tsunami of 2004. The school has adopted villages where the NCC[8] and the Boy Scouts help rehabilitate victims.

Notable alumni[edit]


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