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The Dakshinapan, Dhakuria. Feb. 2014.

The Dakshinapan Shopping Centre is on Gariahat Road, Kolkata, right at the foot of Dhakuria flyover on Dhakuria side. It was developed by the Kolkata Improvement Trust (KIT).[1][2] It is an open-air cultural spot cum shopping complex, the latter consisting mainly of various types of State emporiums from all over India dealing in handlooms, handicrafts, textiles, furniture, fancy goods, and imitation jewelry. It also houses Madhusudan Mancha [3] and Children Little Theater where theater and other cultural shows are organized allowing people to spend quality time with friends and families. Madhudan Mancha stages dramas, dances, recitals and other forms of performing arts organized by leading professional artists as well as theatre groups in the city. During 15th Kolkata Film festival in 2009, Madhusudan Mancha hosted 28 films.


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