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Dantavakra (Sanskrit: दन्तवक्र), was the king of Karusha according to the Mahabharata and the Puranas. According to the Padma Purana (VI.274.16-7), he was of Chaidya lineage.[1] According to the Vishnu Purana (IV.XIV.40), he was son of Vriddhasharman and Shrutadeva.[2] He was an ally of Jarasandha, brother of Shishupala and an enemy of Vasudeva Krishna. At MBh 2:30 he is mentioned as the king of the Adhirajas. Pandava general Sahadeva defeated him, making him pay tribute, he then was re-installed on his throne. He attacked Dwaraka after the Rajasuya sacrifice (which he had not attended, to protest the killing of Jarasandha) to avenge Shishupala—and was killed by Krishna in a mace-duel.


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