Daqing No.1 Middle School

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Coordinates: 46°36′45″N 124°53′51″E / 46.61250°N 124.89750°E / 46.61250; 124.89750

Daqing No.1 Middle School
Daqing No1 Middle School Logo.jpeg
284 Shengli Rd
Daqing, Heilongjiang
Other name Daqing Yizhong
Type Junior/Senior Middle School, Primary School
Motto 崇尚一流 (We advocate for the best.)
Established 1961
Principal Mr. Yang Wenjie (杨文杰)[1]
Staff 1110[2]
Faculty 252[3]
Number of students 13000 [2]
Athletics medium/long-distance running
Affiliation Daqing Education Bureau
Information +864595168005 (The Office of School) +864595768415 (The Office of Administration and Teaching)

Daqing No.1 Middle School (simplified Chinese: 大庆第一中学; traditional Chinese: 大慶第一中學; pinyin: Dàqìng Dìyī Zhōngxué) is a middle school in Ranghulu District, Daqing, Heilongjiang, People's Republic of China. The school consists of the Senior High (Grade 10-12), the Junior High (Grade 6-9), Daqing Foreign Language School, Aolin Primary School, and 3 Shiyan Primary Schools. It was founded in 1961 as Oil Worker's Children Middle School(zh:石油职工子弟中学). It is one of the first schools founded in this city.

Daqing No.1 Middle School East Gate

Academically, Daqing No.1 Middle School is one of the best schools in the province, along with Harbin No.3 High School, Harbin Normal University Affiliated Middle School, Jiamusi No.1 Middle School, Daqing Shiyan Middle School and Daqing Tieren Middle School.[4] Two of this school's students had won the first in National Higher Education Entrance Examination(Gaokao): Yin Lu in 2003 and Fu Di in 2008. Since 2001, over 1000 students were admitted into Peking University, Tsinghua University, University of Hong Kong, National University of Singapore, University of Toronto and other top universities in the world.[2] Over 6000 students were admitted into National Key Universities.[2] The admission rate had been kept 100% for 9 years.[2]

Daqing No.1 Middle School also have a high achievement in art and athletics. The medium/long-distance running team won the 3rd place award in 2006 Beijing International Marathon race.[5] Meanwhile, the school Wind and Brass Orchestra had travelled to and performed in the Wiener Musikverein, Austria and achieved great success.[6]

Daqing No.1 Middle School's official publication is Yizhong Ren(No.1 Middle School Man), which is issued since 2003.[7]


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