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This Dhubulia bazaar area is adjacent to the National Highway 34.

Dhubulia is a village in Nadia district of West Bengal, India. It has the biggest tuberculosis hospital in Asia. Belpukur is the oldest neighborhood in the village.


Many people emigrated to Dhubulia from Bangladesh at the time of the partition of India in 1947. Initially, there were several camps set up by the government which were referred to by numbers. Today there are many places where the old numbering system is still used.

During WW2 No. 99 Squadron RAF was based there.


Dhubulia is located at 23°29′17″N 88°27′05″E / 23.4881900°N 88.4513170°E / 23.4881900; 88.4513170.

Most of the land is either undeveloped or used for cultivation. Typical crops are rice, wheat, mustard, jute and vegetables.


Many of the people depend on cultivation and handloom tant; beautifully designed "tant saree" are produced here.