Korçë District

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Korçë District
Rrethi i Korçës
Map showing the district within Albania
Map showing the district within Albania
Country  Albania
County Korçe County
Capital Korçe

Korçë District (Albanian: Rrethi i Korçës), was one of the thirty-six districts of Albania (which were dissolved in 2000) that is now part of Korçë County. According estimates, as of January 1, 2010, 138,898 people lived in the Korce District.[1] Korce District was considered one of two main minority regions of the country's south.[2] During World War I the French created the Republic of Korça in the area.


It had an area of 1,752 km², making it the second-largest district in Albania.

It lies in the southeastern part of Albania in Korçë County, from lat. 40°27'N to lat. 40°57'N and from long. 21°4'E to 20°19'E, and its capital was Korçë.

It is bordered by Pogradec District and the Republic of Macedonia to the north, by Greece with the Florina regional unit (Greek Macedonia) to the east, Devoll District to the southeast, by Kolonjë District and Përmet District to the southwest, and by Gramsh District and Skrapar District on the west.


Most of the population of the district of Korçë are ethnic Albanians, while a significant number of ethnic minorities (Aromanians) also inhabit the district.[3] Aromanians are found residing in rural communities surrounding Korçë and number some 5,000 people, although other figures exist that inflate those numbers.[4] The religious composition of the district of Korçë consists of Muslims and Orthodox Christians.[3]

Administrative divisions[edit]

The district consisted of the following municipalities:

Note: - urban municipalities in bold

Other communities and settlements[edit]


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Coordinates: 40°39′N 20°39′E / 40.650°N 20.650°E / 40.650; 20.650