Diving sites in Ko Tao

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Ko Tao, Thailand is known for its numerous dive sites. Diving plays a significant role in the local economy.

Name Max. depth Visibility Average depth Level Features Marine life
Red Rock (Shark Island)[1] 28m 5-30m 15m Open water + Huge boulders and rock formations, stunning soft corals. Drift diving for the experienced. Resident turtle, great barracuda, titan triggerfish and clown triggerfish
Hin Wong Pinnacle[2] 40m 15-20m 17m Open water + Tabletop rock formation covered with a variety of hard and soft corals. Hawksbill turtle, snapper, sweetlips, porcupine pufferfish, juvenile boxfish
Mango Bay[3] 16m 5-20m 10m Beginner + Only accessible by boat and a perfect dive site for first timers with a sandy bottom and shallow reef. Now also accessible by a recently built road through the jungle from Sairee beach Small reef fish, puffer, moray eels
white rock[4] 20m 10-30m 12m Open water + A wide band of coral reef with an impressive diversity of hard and soft corals. Wrasses, butterflyfish, angelfish, moray eels, clownfish, and triggerfish.
Nang Yuan Pinnacle[5] 19m 10-30m 10m Open water + A large boulder with swim-through arches and to the west a large cave to explore. Giant whiptail ray, moray, pipefish, crabs, titan triggerfish and reef shark[SIA disambiguation needed].
Twins[6] 22m 10-25m 12m Open water + Three groups of granite rocks covered in corals and sponges, divided by sandy patches and a backdrop of colorful coral garden. Blue spotted ray, juvenile blue-ringed angelfish, six-barred angelfish, clownfish, scorpionfish and pink anemone.
Green rock[7] 28m 10-30m 16m Open water+ A maze of swim-throughs, canyons, caverns and caves created by giant boulders. Yellow-margin and titan triggerfish, giant trevallies, cobias and stingrays, occasional reef shark sightings.
Japanese gardens 14m 10-15m 10m Beginner + Hundreds of hard and soft coral formations creating the impression of an oriental garden. A dive boat also rests at around 15 meters, which was destroyed in the summer of 2009 and was towed to the site. Abundance of small coral fish and a variety of nudibranchs.
Chumphon pinnacle[8] 45m 5-30m 24m Experienced diver Four granite pinnacle carpeted with anemones. Whale shark (seasonal), giant grouper, barracuda, bull shark, bat fish and tuna.
South west pinnacle[9] 33m 10-30m 20m Advanced + A collection of pinnacles with a unique topo-graphical arrangement, giant fan corals. Whale shark (seasonal), giant grouper, barracuda, occasional leopard shark.
Sail rock[10] 45m 15-35m 30m All level Huge rock chimmey with an amazing vertical swim-through that ascends from 18m to 8m. Amongst the gulf of Thailand first diving sites Large pelagics, king mackerel, tuna, whale shark and manta.